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Hey Everybody!

Did you know that this subreddit has a Discord Server? If you aren't already in there, I recommend that you join us. It's a great place for live chatting about the game, asking rolls on weapons and armour, tips and help on how to do things, and we even have LFG rooms for matchmaking for each of the platforms supported.

Our discord server is also partnered, which means that we get better audio channels (most useful for those playing on PC), better quality server, our own vanity invite lnk, as well as being able to set a custom splash page example of what it could look like.

Custom Splash Image contest

Now that we are partnered, we're going to need a splash image that guardians will see when they go to join the server. An example of what it could look like. This splash image gives us a nice Destiny friendly touch, and makes it more special and unique.

The contest will end no sooner than 2017/04/08 or when we choose to end it.


  1. Dimensions: 2048 x 2048 pixels
  2. Must be Destiny themed
  3. Must include a Reddit flavor to it
  4. Must be 100% Safe For Work
  5. No game spoilers
    • You can use Destiny and Destiny 2 artwork and promotional images such as stuff shown in the Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer, but anything that is a major spoiler is not allowed
  6. Artwork must be original or provided by Bungie, or with proof of permission from the Original Creator. Stolen artwork will NOT be allowed.
  7. A PSD and PNG of the final asset must be supplied


The following assets are available for reference and use. They are not the only things you can use, but something to start or refer to.

  1. DestinyReddit media pack.
  2. Template from Discord on various layout constraints.
  3. Discord Partner Logos.
  4. Destiny Style Guide

Other References

  1. DestinyReddit on Twitter
  2. DestinyReddit on Reddit
  3. DestinyReddit on Discord
  4. DestinyReddit on Facebook
  5. DestinyReddit on Twitch

Judging and Reward

We will be judging the entries based their ability to fit the Destiny, and DestinyReddit theme, as well as uniqueness and most importantly RNG. The winner will be provided with a Gift Card to the service of their choice, such as to Sony/Microsoft stores or Stream, etc.

How To Enter

To enter the contest, do the following:

  1. Create your splash image.
  2. Join our server and go to the #partner_splash_image_contest channel.
  3. Make a single comment including a link to the splash image in PNG format.
    • If you are selected as the winner we will reach out for the PSD as well.

If you have any questions, please send us a message or tag @The Vanguard in the Discord server.

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