Destiny 2 should be a fully released game on release.

I keep seeing all these Destiny 2 posts asking for this and that and whatever.

I just don't want to play a Beta for 3 years again.

EDIT: I think people seem to think I'm being totally sarcastic. The point I was trying to make is that, if you were following Destiny from the very beginning, there were a lot more things mentioned and then when the game came out, it was extremely disappointing compared to what they were describing. Like space pets, spaceship flying, walking anywhere you wanted (all that free geometry talk, going anywhere with land and all that stuff). However, it was still an alright game and got a lot better when TTK came out. But it still wasn't the game that a lot of people imagined it would be, not by a long shot.

EDIT 2: There's a difference between releasing a full game and having DLC added to it and then releasing a game that feels like it's missing something until most or all of the DLC is released.

EDIT 3: A lot of people are missing the point, I wasn't saying that the game should of come out with TTK/ROL/HOW and all that already on day 1, that's so far from what I'm talking about.

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