Dear Ubisoft, YOU MISSED ONE BIG THING! Pls upvote, devs have to read this!

Hey Ubisoft, at first I want to thank you for the Beta. It was a great experience and I will definitely preorder the game.

There are a few bugs in the game wich I won't mention because it's a beta and I think you will fix these bugs.

But there is one major problem. Controlling planes, helicopters and drones is okay but you missed one big thing!!!

Why is there no rudder? Seriously, why? How am I supposed to land a helicopter without turning it around? Especially the huge helicopter is a real pain in the a** to land. There is no chance at all to get in the right position with this thing. The only thing you can do is fly it like a plane and make a plan where you want to land and in in which direction. There is one thing that's great about helicopters YOU CAN LAND EVERYWHERE AND IN ANY DIRECTION.

My suggestion is to implement the rudder and use the RB+LB / R1+L1 buttons. Just like GTA did it. There is no problem with an arcade-control-set but ignoring one of the main control options isn't acceptable at all.

Thank you for your attention.

Feel free to upvote this but I think this is one thing everyone needs in this game.

Sry for misspelling and grammar-fails, not a native speaker

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