Dear suckers, watch those, practice and come back whining with valid arguments




Warden Vortex:



Revenge: No video, but a secret technique, you won't believe it. Are you ready? MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY

Advanced technique against revenge: earn your 1v1 instead of ganking.

Do I sound like a patronizing asshole? Well considering half this sub would rather spend hours complaining than getting their hands out their ass to understand this game mechanics; I have no shame being one.

But I understand it is a difficult process, here's how you can do it too:

Step 1: Go on Youtube

Step 2: Select the search bar

Step 3: Write down the following: "For Honor counter"

Step 4: Press enter

Step 5: Find the links that are titled: "For Honor counter"

Step 6: Watch the links that are titled: "For Honor counter"

Step 7: Stop watching after 30 seconds and leave a comment calling the author a stupid scummy dick sucker who needs to uninstall; then head back to Reddit to make a new thread explaining how XXX is so very unfair.

It's a newly release popular game, expect new uploads to be posted regularly.

You're welcome

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