Dear raid vets, from a raid newb

Thank you for your patience as guardians like myself without a dedicated group, learn the raids. I know I'm not the only day 1 player who doesn't have friends who play Destiny. I've played the hell out of PVE and PVP but raiding hasn't been something I've attempted until recently. It can be aggravating to learn the routines and as someone with a training experience on my resume, I know it can be just as frustrating watching someone struggle to learn.

However, a bit of friendly advice. Myself and others like me don't try to find a raid group so we can intentionally ruin your current run. If you're going to pick up someone from an LFG site who openly admits that they haven't done the raid and want some help, it's probably not the best idea to bring that person in to be used as a punching bag when the rest of your team can't do the raid either. I know I messed up on that part, I know I wasn't fast enough there, and yeah I messed up that oracle kill. I am learning this on the fly, you don't need to remind me that I didn't get everything perfect on the first run. Announcing to the group each round who is messing up and sarcastically asking them what they were doing makes the whole experience suck. For everyone. I get it if someone is unwilling to learn or clearly is not listening, but your approach is plain ol' counterproductive.

I've had nothing but great experiences with the Destiny community and I love being part of it. This was the first real negative experience I've had within the community. I just wanted to thank the sherpas who help us green raiders learn the ropes (the Crota run I did last week was great and those dudes were awesome) and ask that if you don't have the patience for someone learning, then please don't try to teach. We're not going to always figure it out on the first try, it's going to take a minute and if that is ruining your day then maybe it's time to take a break.

TL;DR: Thank you to the sherpas who put up with us raid newbs.

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