Dear healers

I am tank who started WoW a few months ago, and until I got my mythic guild I've pugged everything – including curves on all 3 raids.

For the past days I've seen some complaints, both on reddit and in-game, about how healers get treated. As a tank I've met a tremendous amount of healers, and perhaps I can bring some of you guys some form of closure.

You can't and you don't have to heal through stupid
Your job is to keep everyone alive. The game however is designed in a way that you will only be able to keep everyone alive as long as everyone plays their part properly. For instance, if there's heavy tank damage while a DPS is standing in a lava pool, the natural thing to do is to heal the tank. If the DPS dies for standing in that lava pool, it's not you to be blamed for his death.

There is a concept among bad players, that a healer is personal bitch that has to mend any shit they do. This is a wrong concept that is applied in every single game, and unfortunately, some people can't be reasoned with. Don't let it bother you.

Unfortunately, you have to accept that healing is usually a thankless job, while also being the hardest
It's the way stuff works. I died from my mistake during mythic progression around 2 weeks ago, the first question I was asked was "was it a healer problem?". Because when someone dies from something that isn't oneshot people first assume the healers were sleeping. "Why didn't the healer use a cooldown or something?".

Which brings me to my final point. Healer mistakes are as common as dps or tank mistakes, yet they are the easiest to spot. A tank screws mechanically up? It's the healer's job to recover them. A dps screws mechanically up? It falls on the healers as well. A healer screws mechanically up? You get my point.

To sum this long post up, healers are our unsung heroes that usually get a treatment they don't deserve. Obviously there are bad healers too, a lot of them. My point was to make some people understand that the "bad" healer may actually not a bad healer. To all of you guys struggling with healing backlash, find a group that values you. I love my healers. You guys da real MVP

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