Dear Guerilla Games, what I’d like to have patched.

Hey GG Team, I have some minor things that'd be awesome if they could be fixed / changed. Nothing game-breaking, just some things that bother me, because they may have been just overseen.

  1. Let me buy healing plants or packages of healing plants at the shop. Make them expensive, idc. But always running around and picking up hundrets of plants is a pain in the ass.

  2. If I press "show on map" at a quest, it isnt possible to quick travel to a nearby place. Instead i have to go back, to maps (where the area is already seleceted) and press quick travel THEN. Would be quite cool if that could be fixed.

  3. Let me do the tutorial quests beside my activities. I have already done them at least 3 times, but I often forgot to select them before. So it would be nice if they could be done just while playing the game.

  4. Buy multiple items (just as selling multiple items)

  5. Being able to discard rocks / treasure boxes.

  6. Being able to sort Items / Weapons in the menu.

  7. (Deleted due to generally non-acceptance)

  8. Being able to activate / deactivate certain symbols on the map.

  9. A short notification if I gathered all needed items to upgrade my pouches would be nice, just like Far Cry 3 (think so) did.

If anybody has to add something, just put it in the comments (Then I'll edit the post as well) 🙂

Don't get me wrong, I really like the game, these are just the few things to make it perfect.

EDIT: Added Ideas from the comments. Won't change numbers in the post tho, so anybody can relate for answering. Also I deleted the "Lock-On"- Idea from the comments, as most people didn't like it.

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