Dear Guerilla, can we please change the colors of our secondary and tertiary objectives?

First off, I love this game. It’s fantastically immersive & well done. The story is like none other. I’ve never been scared while attacking AI in a video game before.

This being said, I deeply wish that I could change the color of the secondary and tertiary objectives. Many a time have I found myself confused and disoriented with the current system. Granted, I am a tad bit dyslexic. Upon remembering what it was that I set out to do, do I become perplexed. The microcosm of this game is a great story scattered out through a lot of fun sidetracks. I get distracted a lot in this game(that’s a good thing!). When I return from said sidetrack in a different location, it’s confusing which objective I was going after without consulting the map.

This is why I think having the choice of color for secondary and tertiary objectives would be beneficial. It’s easier to remember the “green one” or the “blue one” but not the second gold one.

Just a thought. Keep them coming Guerilla, I can’t wait for more games from you.


Let the user change the color of the second and third objective to distinguish them from each other. Blue or green is easier to remember and see than the second gold one when running around.

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