Dear FunCom… keep it up!(an essay)

After nearly 200 hours and countless restarts, I'd like to say thank you to the dev team for their hard work and effort in crafting such an addictive and rewarding game. Considering this is only the third week in early access, I can only imagine what's in store for the future. I can clearly see the direction of the team and I'm excited to see it all come together!

There are a lot of negative(and illiterate) views floating around and cries for nerfs to mechanics a lot of us enjoy(not including exploits or glitches). Please don't let the displeasure of the vocal minority sway your hand on such a good product(flaws and all). There is a population of us who have little reason to complain, but have too little time to respond with tips and insight to EVERY post on the forums to help with the general lack of survival game IQ. I've been a redditor for two years and I've finally found a community I want to be a part of… But I'm constantly triggered by the low effort posts here on the regular!

Many cannot be bothered with learning how to play or using the resources available to them on the internet to expedite the process… they'd rather just have the mechanics altered to fit their play style.

Simple things like vetting the server admins on private servers, trying out different rule sets in single player(to know what to expect as far as leveling is concerned in PVP settings), setting up gathering routines, observing player traffic and how it affects where you need to build, choosing a wise place to build and pushing there a early as possible… finding a fresh server that you can get a foothold on without getting griefed at the beginning…I could go on forever.

This is week 3 of Early Access. As a rational adult I understand that the experience is only going to expand and get better. This game isn't going anywhere. I own it. I can take a break, come back, and start over whenever I want. Even if that is two years from now. There is no subscription fee urging me to need to maximize the perceived value in a limited period of time. It cannot be beaten. There is no prize for being world first in anything. The most rewarding part for me is growing into a server and it's community. Looking back at a T2 mega structure as a solo player and remarking at the fact that it was made in such a hostile environment. That's my prize.

I play for the survival experience…. it's myself versus the world(player characters included). There is no rush necessary. It will all come to me. It's my experience that I happen to share with the people on the servers I choose. If there happens to be cheaters, exploiters, or bad admins I don't complain. I move to a new server to let them grief each other. It's that simple. They will eventually burn themselves(and the server) out and move on to the next game for lack of fulfilling experience, essentially wasting their time and money. The community will shake itself out and become stronger in the end. I have absolute faith in that.

And, I have absolute faith in FunCom to continue to provide us with such quality content. Thanks and well wishes! You all deserve it!

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