Dear Funcom, As a server admin…

As a server admin, it is currently very hard to manage servers and enforce certain rule set's with the lack of admin tools available. I commend you for having private servers on launch along side the official servers, however it's clear that the ball was dropped when thinking about how admins will manage their servers. Listed below are some issues I have run into and some QOL changes than can be made.

  • There are no logs to see who is raiding who or anything of that nature.
  • No direct teleport to players? We shouldn't have to viewplayer and then tp viewself. Add a "TeleportTo X" command.
  • Admins should have the ability to interact with objects not owned by them, in addition be able to build on player claimed land. (Interact with chests, place chests and such at very least).
  • The thrall spawn blocking. This one is very tough atm, we have to use external .bats to see who is claiming the land, and even then after removing the issue, someone else just builds there again.
  • Ghost entities ; It has occurred for 2 known placements on our server, after a restart some deleted objects respawn. This is especially crucial to be fixed as one of them is blocking a thrall camp.
  • No server MOTD? No joining screen with information?
  • A command to spawn items directly into X players inventory would be handy also.
  • Give to Me or GiveToClan ___(clan name) ownership settings.

These are just a few of my concerns with the current state of the game from a server administration perspective. Obviously it is early access and it's not going to be even near perfect, but some support needs to be added at the very least. If anyone else has any issues / recommendations as server owners, help bring them to attention.

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