Dear Blizzard: Legendary Feedback/Suggested Change

With the community reacting to the news of Legendary acquisition changes after the Q&A, it seemed like a good time to articulate some concerns the community has, and collect suggestions to help make the system live up to its potential.

As the community understands it, here are the mechanisms for how Legendary drops work:

  • Legendaries can drop from a variety of content (Emissaries, Dungeons, Raids, PvP, Caches, etc.)

  • Whenever a player performs that content, the odds of obtaining a Legendary increase. (Increase dependant on the content completed)

  • The first two Legendaries for a character have an increased droprate, and the third, fourth, etc. all have the about the same odds of dropping.

  • Players may equip only 2 Legendaries at a time.

Personally, I think this system has a lot of potential for introducing a lot of customization, outlets for player choice, and enriched player experience. Based on the Legendary System so far, there seems to be some universally recognized feedback.

  • Player Concern: "This is useless! Why would I need a heal on my dps spec!?!?!?!?"

Each spec has almost 10 Legendaries it can acquire. Players often forget that WoW has a diverse player base that enjoy different parts of the game. A big part of the complaints here revolve in getting a Legendary that isn't really that valuable for the way someone plays, forgetting that it may be interesting to someone else. This is also a problem for dps with multiple specs. I.e. if a Fire Mage decides that they like Frost or Arcane better for fights in Night Hold, they face new issues. In addition to the Artifact Power grind, they're Legendaries (good or bad) have possibly become unexciting stat-sticks. Discussed in the Q&A was an announcement that would very likely help with this issue, but still comes down to more RNG to acquire a Legendary.

  • Player Concern: "This Legendary is shittier than "

This is a fairly clear cut complaint. Much like player talents which attempt to be functionally equal…ish while giving players options, there will always be a BIS Legendary, and the rest will be considered 'not-optimal'. To Blizzard's credit, they have worked very hard with tuning and reworking Legendaries to try and keep more of them competitive. However, in the current state some classes are highly dependent on some Legendaries. (BM Hunter, Fire, Unholy, etc.).

  • Player Concern: Bad Luck Protection/Frequency

With Legion starting Aug 2016, we've now been in Legion for ~6 months. This is just circumstantial evidence (Blizzard can check data), but the players I've seen who really go to town farming MoS, and other content, have roughly 6-7 Legendaries. If this ratio of effort-payoff is translatable across the population, it would mean that the average not-lucky player is probably getting less than 1 Legendary per month(Again would love to hear some Blizzard statistics here). When you spend over a month working on a Legendary, and its either not ideal, or not likely to be used over your current ones, the invested month of time feels like a waste. It's even worse knowing that the Bad Luck Protection you have accumulated has also been reset for a Legendary you didn't want.

Potential Solution: There's been suggestion of targeting Legendaries, or having spec specific Bad-Luck-Protection, but a simpler solution (easier to implement) may just be spiking up the drop-rate significantly.

For the effort I've put in, I feel I have the right amount of Legendaries, with 1-2 of my 5 being regularly desirable. I don't feel unlucky, or cheated; that's just how the system works. The disheartening part is that to get my 2 of 5, it took nearly half a year of consistent effort. In that time, Blizzard added several more Legendaries to each spec's loot pool. It's great that they're still coming up with new ideas while still working on tuning. It puts the player in an awkward spot of feeling further and further away from a specific Legendary if they want it, like trying to swim upstream in molasses.

Consider the changes of a 2x droprate vs normal:

  • "Bad" Legendaries feel less significant to the player

  • Timeline of acquiring the Legendary a player wants, either for BIS or for playstyle (fun) is improved significantly

    • This BIS argument is always there, and Blizzard can keep tuning, but there is less player dissatisfaction between the "have" and "have not"
  • If Blizzard's goal is to have players making decisions on which Legendaries to use, this puts more of the choice into the player's hands vs forced choices from RNG

  • If someone really wants to just farm up all their Legendaries, the current system doesn't dynamically inhibit that. With a higher droprate players (looking at you World-Class competitive guilds) would suffer less burnout before they "finish".

  • Instead of having access to Legendaries as overall progression, Blizzard could take steps to equipping a 3rd, or by 7.3 a 4th Legendary.

  • For potential comments regarding "Blizzard wants us to keep playing longer for sub money", it's very clear that the Legendary System is a growing concern for players in all areas (except pvp'ers) of Blizzards community. Even if players spend less time "dedicated to farming Legendaries", it would likely result in a happier playerbase less obligated to farm, and more able to enjoy the game wherever they want to.

  • This avoids changing any Legendaries balance-wise. No nerfs to a players favorite, or buffs to a Legendary players would need to go collect.

  • On the subject of buffs/nerfs, this allows for more flexibility whenever a change happens to a spec/leg (Marks Hunter) allowing faster recovery from changes when necessary.

Looking at a sister system in Diablo, Legendary items help you create new builds, often have cool Xmog, and are more frequent rewards for continued play.

TL:DR Blizz, you've got the makings of a really great feature in the game. We're well into the swing of Legion, you've got plenty of content coming (we hope ;D), this waiting game doesn't need to be part of it.

The fun part is playing with the cool toys, not waiting to open them.

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