Dead Wood – Low Loot – “THE” Server of H1Z1 so far! ( Invitation )

Hello fellow survivors!

I’m here on behalf of the server Deadwood – Low Loot I’d say, I’d like to say something about our players here.

First of all, this server’s just literally amazing.

From Day 1 I’ve joined here, as it came live, everybody I met was up to talk. May it be a friendly “nice fight” or funny sh’t talking, asking for directions or giving “new” players stuff. I have to correct myself, let’s be honest and say 90% of the people do talk in a normal manner.

There was a lot of funny stuff going on lately, as for example 3 Jeeps driving as a convoy, sandwhiching the middle one and blowing themselves up ; or a started raid attempt, placing that one last IED that needs to blow up to get rid of the first metal gate, just as the owner logs in, steps out and holds his hands up the air to surrender just as the IED is about to blow up.

We even have a local Swizzle Dealer

Let’s get to the informational stuff. “Low Loot” is not that true. It definitely is after server restarts, for about 3-5(ish) days, it feels fun, realistic, and not just happy shooting. After this period of time, loot ramps up for some reason – yet to be “fixed”.

However, guns, wrenches, salt packets and sugar are always low. A wrench on our server is meanwhile worth 5-6 handguns, or 2-3 big guns.

Yes, you read correctly, there’s trades going on on the server. Our group, “The Kingdom”, is about to build a marketplace where you’ll have to hand your guns in before going in, and you’ll be able to trade. And we do offer reasonable prices. Also, we do plan on some events later on, as we had a Free For All Naked Fist Fight in Cranberry. We try to change the game, and everyone is pulling on a string.

Speaking of everyone pulling on a string, doesn’t mean that we’re all in the same alliance. There are alliances, not too big ones, we still want PvP. And we get that. We get amazing fights. Starting from little 1v1’s, to 2v1 Outplays, going up to a starting 2v2 and ending up in a massive 7v7.

At the end of the day we still walk away with respect and dignity, you hear no shittalking on this server, not on the radio or after the firefights. Maybe a stupid little “ur base boom boom bye bye” as I drive by. In a chinese accent. (Sorry)


I took my time to set up a Discord for us ( as we all get along that good on the server and it’s fairplay over fairplay ) – so whoever from Deadwood sees this, is welcome. You’ll find rules there and if you want your own channel, let me know.

Why do I post this thread?

Because we are lacking many people. Yes, we’re on low population, but let me tell you, in a manner of 24/7 – there’s always at least 8-ish people online. With a peak of let’s say 50? That was days ago tho. We do need more talkative and respectful people here, we’ll even help you get started – the most of you – if you catch us at a good time.

Stay safe,

the Kingdom watches you.


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