DDoS and Drop Hacking Explained

I posted this before however i decided to repost for visibility.

Before we start , What is drophacking? Well it is a term used for people who manipulate a network in such a way as to destroy a server by closing it, or removing other players from it manually using network tools such as net limiter etc.

The problem with the current P2P model is you can actively see everyone you connect to and their WAN IPs. This allows you to do a multitude of things such as DDoSing a single or multiple users, Causing Lag via different ping methods, Kicking people from matches, Closing a server down etc.

Now we know what drop hacking is lets talk about the experience me and my four friends had recently. Just so people are aware this seems to be quite common at the higher levels of play.

So, we entered a match, everyone on enemy team had yellow gear around 100-108 level.

As we entered the guy on the enemy team said "BAI" and we were kicked one by one.

As it happens, we tried to join another game and got the same one, it appears these 4 guys were sat in a game using net limiter and possibly wireshark to constantly remove people from a game to keep resetting bots and players into the spawn point. In the end we got into this match 4 times before we gave up and waited around 5-6 mins before we searched again.

Since i have net limiter myself and wireshark i decided to test this myself, and it is absolutely possible to instantly remove players from a game constantly, TO BE CLEAR WE TESTED THIS IN CUSTOM MATCHES WITH FRIENDS WE DID NOT DO THIS WITH RANDOMS IN PROPER MATCHES.

So yes you can drop hack people individually from a game. There is nothing you can do. It also seems its possible to destabilise peoples connections and cause lag, tele-porting, and other issues related to latency etc.

UPDATE EDIT : Visibility!!!

As of today my group of 4 has been removed from a game forcibly by another player 9 times in approx 50 matches. These are confirmed one hundred percent drop hacking related incidents. This is around 1 in 5 matches at higher levels of play. One of my team mates actually got fully DDoS'd for around 35 minutes before the player turned off his tools. I would say if it becomes more and more frequent over the coming weeks and months it would not be unreasonable to consider moving the game to a dedicated server. The risk of security breaches via the game is quite high with the current setup and personally ubisoft do not have the right to leave peoples WAN IPs open to public viewing.


I really hope ubisoft take a good look at their setup because this is an amateur mistake to make. They can't not have known about this type of security issue and if they didn't quite frankly they should think about getting a new networking staff. Either way this needs to be sorted because it is farcical. You dont need to have any networking or IT experience to see how poorly this model was setup. And for those of us who understand this type of networking setup it is laughable.


Please dont ask me why i repost this occasionally. Let me put it simply. If people cared enough, they could put your WANIP on a dirty forum and assuming you cant just change your IP which many people cannot, you may suffer issues with your internet for quite a while. It is only reasonable to let as many people as possible see this information.

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