Daunting Equipment Management System

I've bought Nioh and am planning to start it in the next week, once i finish Yakuza 0. I played about half of the open beta, and I really liked it, and I can't wait to finally play the full game.

The only thing that really bugged me was the complicated equipment system with the randomized buffs and the reforging at the smith and all the other ways to forge the best armor and weapons. I've never been good at micromanaging stuff line that in games, and I felt like I had to stop playing every few minutes to check out a bunch of new gear with minor differences. I was unsure if I should swap weapons immediately when I got a new, stronger one, or should I keep using my old one so I get more familiar with my current one and get the buffs that come with that?

I love the souls series and Bloodborne is my all time favourite game, and Nioh seems like the first big game to really capture the feel of those while also being it's own game. But I liked how every weapon and piece of armor gotten in those games felt special, each with their own story, I got excited to check out each thing I found, but I got very frustrated with Nioh. With a game so difficult, I want to make sure I'm talking advantage of every system in place to help me, and this seems a bit overly complex.

Can anyone explain it for me or give me some tips on making quality builds?

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