Daily Discussion March 18, 2017: This Week on YouTube: BenTimm1


Looking for Some good ClashRoyale content? Look no further! Check out BenTimm!

Name Content Quality Uploads
BenTimm1 Better than Good! Watch him with best Quality Available! 1080p! Everyday!

His Subscriber Goals!

Subscribers Date Achieved
50,000 June 1, 2015
100,000 November 1, 2015
150,000 March 18, 2016
200,000 May 12, 2016
250,000 August, 16, 2016
350,000 October, 20, 2016


  • YouTube video gamer, he is known for playing Boom Beach but later on he started posting ClashRoyale and Pokemon Go videos! And he still does to this day!
  • He currently has 419,000-420,000 Subscribers!
  • In ClashRoyale he is Lvl 13 and currently at 4500!
  • Posted ClashRoyale since the game came out before global launch!

Before Fame:

  • He created his YouTube channel in 2011. He began posting Clash of Clans game plays in 2013, but his channel started taking off when he began playing Boom Beach in 2014.

He achieved 10,000 subscribers in January 2015 and 100,000 in November 2015.

Some discussion points:

  • What do you like about him?
  • What do you dislike about him?
  • How can he improve his content?

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