Current PvP Meta and How to win all your fights

This is my opinion on the PvP side of the game. Spears are currently the meta right now

The duration of a spear charge is long enough to swing around and hit 5+ players

A Spear basically keeps you moving and it doesnt cost any STAMINA. so you basically have infinite stamina. Stamina is the way to win fights in this game

It also has a knockback and a knockdown if you dont have enough Poise to keep you up

I dont care how much armour or health or players you have, you will eventually run out of stam if you arent using a spear and spear users can just outplay 😉

Heres a demonstration video on outnumberd fights 1vs4,2vs5,2vs3

To win your fights just carry heath regen food: ambrosia(Mitra altar), purified flesh(Yog altar) OR Aloe extract(aloe in cauldron)

PS: OH and if you dont know how to spear charge, simply hold right click and then left click

Edit 1: You do not have to agree with me but i warn you, When you go up against a spear user and see them flying and teleporting around using spear charge. you might want to reconsider using a spear because the game at this state only just keeps rubberbanding more with the more players there are. Adapt to the lag. which is why i think this is the meta

Edit 2: Stamina is key to winning fights, As a spear user you will never have stamina issues. You could pull out a fight if you ever wanted too. For example lets say you get jump by 4 guys. best thing you can do is just spear charge till they all run out of stam. Now you have full control of the fight, you can either 1, run away or 2 give them the flying spear.

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