Crota Flawless Raider advice from an idiot

I am a pretty good Destiny player. That being said, I did not join until the end of year 2. So i am absolute garbage at Crota and VoG raids. I've done both, but only a couple times each and do not really have the mechanics/strategies memorized.

Anyway, caught on to the hoopla about getting flawless raider before the update. Was going to do it with the one guy that helps people through it. Happened to run into a group this week that was going for it.

Here are some tips if you want to do a fairly easy flawless raider run on Crota's End:

  1. Have someone with you that actually knows the raid well and can complete it easily.

2. Bring a sword so you can defend yourself on the fall, and not have to restart the raid 10x before all 6 people survive the fall together (the jump into hell's mouth).

3. Don't jump on top of each other, just go one every few seconds and be patient so this part doesn't end up adding an hour to your efforts.

Just don't jump in the hole

  1. Send your dude who is really good through the first section and have him solo it. I know it sounds shitty, but after people falling in holes, killing themselves doing something stupid (rockets, grenades), or accidentally getting lost, it becomes easiest to just let the guy who knows what he's doing do it solo and you will all be spawned up with him after he completes it.

  2. Let the guy who knows what he's doing tell you exactly what to do and lead the team, so you can easily make it through the sword/bridge section. This section should be SUPER easy if everyone just follows directions. I truly had no clue what I was doing but made it through first try.

  3. Make sure somebody has a titan bubble so you can defend against the purple death balls. Kill those while the bubble is up and hide in the bubble after.

  4. Sprint around, channel harry potter, clear out some dementors and then destroy all the hive people. Chill at Crota's podium if you're feeling like "I'll be that guy that dies from some random arc shot." Do not die from random arc shot from hive yellow bars.

  5. Okay then activate the glass windows. Kill all the hive. Stack up on either side. One guy does a bubble on the right side 2nd level (i think to defend against the arc shots?) The guy who is good at the raid goes and gets the sword, while everyone else gets on the outside of the glass and downs Crota. Then down him again after he resets to his spot and you should be able to kill him in less than 30 seconds total.

One successful completion takes less than 30 minutes. It's the trivial stuff like the run through the dark with the group, jumping hell's mouth that adds a lot of time. Connection issues happen too, and will negate the achievement for everyone (if somebody drops or gets reconnected), so be patient since this is meant to be a difficult achievement to get.

If this is worthless I'll take it down, but figured I'd throw it out there for newer people or anybody trying to figure out the best way to do it.

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