Critics and comments.

HUGE Bugs: 1) Ai, or should I say, what Ai? This makes me want to leave the game altogether. the enemies, once they see you, will ALWAYS chase you down, and always know exactly where you are. Either you kill them, or you get out of their spawn zone's radius, because they can see through walls. Imagine running away from a crocodile, then, 2 miles later, you have 7 crocodiles, 12 bandits, 4 spiders, and a bunny trying to kill you, all of which can see through walls, and cannot be evaded whatsoever, will chase you till you die, and no exceptions… oh, the best part, they're all friends, predators and prey will NEVER attack each other, just you, they will ignore each other, and chase you together, while all being able to see through walls… does that sound realistic to you? does that sound fun to you? Funcom, please work on your Ai, and you make this game astronomically more enjoyable. This is THE biggest flaw in the game.

2) combat, hack away at enemies until they die, no tactics involved at all, not like games with blocking dodging or any li'l abilities that alter combat mechanics… just click spamming is all you do. No tactics, it's like a card game, with a touch of timing. Whoever has the highest hit points and best attack wins. generally no two ways about that.

3) stability, it crashes, the servers are unstable, the graphics are impossible for some cards to handle, even some reasonably good ones. Not like the forest, which looks absolutely beautiful, and can just about run on a cellphone. Hasn't been too bad for me, but I know 3 people who bought this, none of them can join me. The graphics is too intense for one (with a gtx 520 card), I'll give you that one. But the other two glitch through walls, to the opposite sides of rivers, just completely spontaneously. But when we tried local, it was fine. Servers don't seem to be too solid (not that this bothers me too much)

Minor things: 1) animations – they just suck all round. Worse than Fallout 3, and that stiff turning where your character just hovers around… it looks so bad, it's actually noticeable. Combat animations are the worst. Notice how Skyrim's combat actually kinda sucked? but it felt like 'you were there' just because of how it looked? Games do this. And you should too Funcom. Make you animations look and feel realistic, and the mechanics pale in importance… but still, blocking with a weapon would be nice, the Forest does it, and that's not even a medieval battle, warmongering game like this

2) movement… I can't describe, but it feels off, very off. Jumping for one. I can jump 4 times higher than the characters can, and I ain't nearly as ripped as the guys in the game are, lol. But you know what kills me more than anything in-game? …rocks. Yes, little knee high rocks that your character cannot get over, trying to maneuver around them in combat, only to get stuck with your back (of your knee) to a wall (tiny rock) then being killed because of it.

3) Character creation… sooooo few sliders, everyone looks the same. At least add height sliders for features, you know how diverse characters can look with just eye height, and mouth height sliders? look at how Dragon's Dogma did it if you don't wanna go too deep. They have Preset Face Shapes… it's a brilliant idea, if you can't do sliders for every individual part. Then you just have a few for eyes, mouth and nose. (though you already have jaw and cheek bones, which is getting there) very few things can sell a game like good character creation. Look at Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma, Saints Row, Dragon Age, etc. 50% of mods for those games are related to character creation. What does that tell you? that's a HUGE sell-able asset to any game. Use Dragon's Dogma, for ideas if you want, because it'll add a massive upside to the game if you get it right. Though I doubt you plan on doing body creation the way they did.

The good: 1) rpg elements, in a survival game. Pretty sure this is a first. Very well done, even integrating the building options into a "perk" system.

2) the world, it looks great, and has awesome ideas. Could have more, but as is there are hundreds of hours of things to do and buildings to build.

3) harvesting stuff is easy, and natural. Works perfectly fine, destroying rocks and such is awesome too.

4) Atmosphere… flawless, absolutely flawless.

5) music, oh lawd, the music on the menu already hits right in the feels, bro.

6) textures and lighting effects. The gleams on the sand, and sparkles of the jewels, is a small, but very nice touch.

7) freaking sim city in a survival game, this is both excellent, and has room to improve. The directions you can go in, the potential you have here, is huge… you could easily keep adding small aesthetic items to build for the next 10 years, and it'll keep things fresh, whatever you want, you have the opportunity to do anything with this system, and I hope you realize the potential you have with JUST this one thing alone. (then there is character creation, RPG elements, survival elements, exploring/spelunking, crafting clothing and items, swordplay and archery… you have everything going for this game)

Overall, some things, particularly Ai and Combat make this game a chore to play. Not Like Dark Souls, although it became a chore sometimes, it kept you interested, because combat was more than click spamming. Conan, has no combat system, no stealth system, nothing that gives combat a reason to be invested in, I avoid combat altogether sometimes because it's just dull. Running circles around people to avoid hits is all the "tactic" you need… after a while this never-failing tactic simply becomes boring, and, well, what's the point? Rather put blocking in, with OR without a shield, add a dive roll or dodge or something (you can do anything, combat is still open enough for you to go any direction with it)… make combat interesting. You have so many enemy types to fight, but then you go and ruin combat in the most record winning way? Stability, while a problem for many is fine for me. I play local or single player, so I can't comment on servers.

Animations and character creations… those little things that make a game go from a 6 to an 8… you completely lack investment in (so far)… arguably the most important part of any character-based RPG game, which clearly you are drawing on with the perk system. But this lacks, the animations and character diversity is weak (so far, but I'm sure y'all intend to work on this).

But you know what… I like it. The world is flawless, but it's the creatures and people, that ruin it. Both of which can be fixed 1) Ai & combat 2) character creation (diversity)

And that makes this go from a 60 to a 70 by itself (80 even, if you do it well). Honestly hacking away at ONE human for a solid 10 minutes is not fun, especially when you land 20+ consecutive blows to the head and they don't die… really?

Ai and combat are where this game goes for a dive.

But immersion, atmosphere, building and survival aspects are where it shines. Exploration, ehhh, it's good, but again, the combat in these deep dark places is a chore and no skill is required… almost makes exploring a chore because you know you gonna have to fight.

It has the potential to be a survival-dark ages RPG game, with city building mechanics, character creation and development, hundreds or thousands of items to find, craft or make. It has a freedom no other game really employs, with so many elements, it has everything going for it…

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