Crap… I’m addicted!

I have over 800 hours on ARK. And in the beginning of Conan Exiles, I was very sure this game would not suck me in. You know, the bugs, the crappy servers you have to go by, …

But I found a very good server with almost no lag and some nice people online. Today my friends joined me, approved my base and we went on our very first, very exciting iron hunt. Succes! Over 200 iron thingies (probably not a lot for you guys, but I was so glad) later, we passed spiders, heyenas, thralls everywhere, amazing landscapes where we would set up our beds and campfire for the night, impressive buildings/temples we did not dare to go in just now,… And all of a sudden, when we were back at base, it hit me: I'm hooked! Next up: getting my hands on some juicy thralls to be my slaves for life. After that, new base with better material. After that, some great weapons to build/find, after that, some PVP action/raiding maybe if I can make explosives by then, after that… Who knows! So much to do, so much time to waste!

Good bye social life, you will be missed.

Note to devs: keep it up! I love how many (some good, some not so relevant (in my opinion)) patches you bring out! Don't let this game die please! It's already way better then ARK or Day Z/Rust was in the beginnen and even better then some of those are at the moment… Good luck!

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