Couple questions from not quite a noob…

I am some percentage through the game – hard to say actually. I am about level 26 and I'm wondering what levels are expected to advance through the game. Let me give an example. The quests that take you from the Sacred Lands to Meridian are somewhere around level 12. However, in order to get there, you have to run through miles of land where there are machines way higher than your level. I have encountered many cases where the "level" of the quest doesn't really seem to properly represent the level of the machines and encounters. Am I missing something? It's not a huge thing, but curious if I'm misunderstanding.

Another thing – is there a wiki or spreadsheet that lays out what all the various items can be used for? I am constantly battling to get my resource bag < 100. I like to stockpile lenses, hearts, and animal bones/skins. But I don't know when I'll actually need them, if I even need them again. It appears most animal parts are used for carrying capacity and lenses/hearts are used for weapons/armor, but it's not a perfect 1:1. I would like to sell hearts/lenses I don't think I'll need for the time being, but I'm always paranoid I'll encounter a merchant or similar that will need it. Perhaps I should just sell lenses/hearts and simply create jobs when I actually want something? Not sure the best strategy here.

Finally, I encountered a quest Ancient Armory to get high powered armor. Are there many like this in the game? I have only encountered the one. I'm trying not to get too much help but I would like to at least understand if I'm not exploring enough as I should.


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