Core gameplay is amazing, game itself is a lesson in frustration

Let's just get this out of the way: core gameplay wise, For Honor is the most fun I've had in ages. Super fun game, something that feels new, interesting – I SUPER dig it. Alas, the game is like an abusive spouse – I love core things about it, but it keeps fucking me over whenever I keep, repeatedly, giving it another chance.

But the game itself is a lesson in frustration and constant annoyances. Matches as well as queues crash constantly, with no reason given, just an error message sending you back to the main screen. Not just that, but when it does, at least for me, the game just hangs there for 3-5 minutes (and sometimes just straight up never gets anywhere, and I have to force close it). Whenever I leave a match at the end, it's a 50/50 whether the game will crash or not – which is a lot, since continuous games are almost impossible with the way it's set up, and the punishing errors for those who try for another game that doesn't get going. Why doesn't games just auto fill with bots when people leave at the end of the round?

Then there's the massive queue errors. "Game full", what the hell? Why did you try and match me with a full game from the beginning? And why does that cancel my matchmaking, making me go back and queue again? Or the times where it just times out, making me go through all this crap again? Then there's issues with Always Online, where authentication servers go down and you can't even play the singleplayer.

Then there's just the random hard-crashes, where I have to reboot my computer. And yes, I've lost actual work (I work from home at times) due to that. No, I don't foresee that I have to reboot my computer just because I want to play a game for an hour.

How about Revenge huh? Completely broken mechanic right now, that just brings the game down. Needs serious balancing, particularly in the speed in which you can get it. Or how about the classes such as Shugoki (who I main myself, I should add!), where high level builds can add attack and Revenge, and literally one-shot full health classes? That's hardly fun for anyone.

Then there's the fact that in 1v1, 2v2 and to some degree elimination, the game now devolves into GB'ing to either push someone off a ledge/into fire/into spikes/into a pit/into a 2 feet fountain that kills you/geysers, and so on. I'm all for it being in the game, cool mechanic, but it's fucking everywhere.

How about the matchmaking skill? Yeah, it's awesome learning a new character, and get matched against a Rep 5 107 gear score dude. Just awesome. Who in the world thought it would be a good idea, to create a competitive skill-based game, that also features ability-enhancing loot, but not have a skill-based ranked matchmaking system?!

Or the random small stuff, like how sometimes you can chat in the lobby, other times you can't! What's up with that?

I don't know if it's on my end, but I've also experienced frustrating input lag. Guard Left! Uhm… dude, left! Yeah ok, apparently we're not guarding left today…

The game is amazing, but I've spent more time in menu screens waiting for loading/matchmaking/crashing/etc., than actually fighting.

Again. This game is super cool, amazing, fun and I goddamn love it. But there are some SERIOUS issues with it, that badly needs fixing ASAP, or I'm not sure I'll still be playing the game when it finally gets everything fixed. For Honor, I love you, but you need help.

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