Cool things I heard while watching the PUB stream on Oshi7’s channel.

I tuned in a bit late but here is everything I heard while watching the twitch steam on


  • Hardcore confirmed (I quote "we will make hardcore great again"), hardcore will add mechanics like first person only & .

  • Pan's deflecting bullets for shits and giggles (confirmed?!?).

  • Binoculars confirmed.

  • Emotes confirmed.

  • Gas grenades being looked at (making gas masks useful).

  • Air physics to balance guns like the M16A4.

  • Deathcam confirmed; 5 second rewind to see yourself running and how you died. Only in solo-games for now.

  • Good skin economy; crates always have value due to limited amount of crates available. Higher end skins will be found while playing. This way people that aren't MrMoneyBags can look cool!

  • EU lag issue: due to server performance, servers aren't shit their is just alot to process. More servers won't solve the problem. They're working on stabilizing and optimizing the servers daily.

  • Performance updates obviously coming.

  • Release planned for 6 months from now.

  • More official maps and obviously modded maps.

  • "fuckboi cabins" getting nerfed by building penetration.

  • "Leveling of characters"; you won't become for powerful, you will however get awesome reload animations (an example was an AK reload where you hit the current magazine out of the AK and then smash the new magazine in).

  • C4 is being discussed (because more explosions are better :D).

  • Obviously more vehicles (motorbike confirmed), and weapons to be added.

  • Foliage and shadows etc will become the same for every graphics setting, low settings won't give you an advantage over

  • Bi-pods and balacing on rocks etc is also being discussed.

  • Price is set to 29,99 no paid expansions.

  • Stuff like exploding gas cans, enviromental destruction.

  • Sounds to let you know if you hit a headshot or not.

  • Ping locks might be implemented to avoid unfair and laggy fights (Ping over certain limit? Other certains not visible).

  • Items to revive downed players faster.

  • In-game reward system will be updated and expanded (so stuff like assists etc).

  • Modding and Steam Workshop only available AFTER release.

  • New game modes might be added, PU has various ideas.

  • You get crates with points and you can open them with keys, crates per week will be capped, you won't be able to sell the crates. They're thinking of adding a system that crates open after x amount of time so that people without money still get cool stuff.

  • Keyboards that aren't english will be made working (Anything not qwerty will be made to work properly so you don't have to change the bindings manually).

  • Pan one shot kill Kappa!

  • Color blind mode end of april.

  • Vaulting and climbing systems confirmed (eta was 2 months).


Bugs that have been noticed and will be fixed:

  • Losing health while being revived, you aren't suppose to lose health when you're down and getting revived.

  • Custom games confirmed, this will have neat stuff like spectator view.

  • Full in-game replays so you can watch the game in full 3D (Like CS:GO).

  • Infinite falling bug (when you get stuck somewhere and it looks like you're falling forever). If you find new spots where this happens please report this on the forums (

  • Username change.

  • Squad waypoints.


Stuff that (probably) won't be implemented:

  • No extra rewards from winning games, only points to avoid the game becoming a grind fest like WoW.

  • No classes (like sniper, medic etc).

  • Fall and roll animations for jumping out of cars.

  • Dual wielding pistols is being discussed (but how do you reload was their question).

  • Combat stances.

  • Extra hazards other then the red zones.

  • Red zones won't be buffed or tweaked for now.

  • Opening doors while reloading (can't do it in real life).

  • For now working ladders are a big nono because they are hard to make functional properly on multiplayer servers (syncing and shit).

  • No grenade launcher.

  • Having scopes like INSURGENCY where the vision outside the optics isn't zoomed in probably won't be added. This basically means rendering the games twice which will reduce performance by 50%. This is hard to do in an open world.

  • No night time.


Fun facts:

  • The firing range is modelled after one they visited in the czech republic.

  • His favorite location on the map is the marsh area (green water with dead trees and stuff).

  • The Dacia was mentioned by Top Gear so they added it + it fits the maps theme (eastern european).

  • Meet PU in a bar? Buy him rum and coke.

  • PLAYERUNKNOWN is written in caps because it obviously looks better then PlayerUnknown.


Hope this post is useful!

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