Controller responsiveness

I have problems with one of my two controllers playing horizon zero dawn (no other game seems affected). My one controller works fine in the game the other has very bad input lag and even worse lag of "no input" i.e. letting go of the left stick and the character will run another 3 or 4 steps before stopping, action buttons seem less affected but sometimes dont register.

This happens whether I start playing on my "good" controller and swap to the "bad" one when the batttery goes flat or start the game with the "bad" controller. I have tested 5+ other games on both controllers and no issues. Interestingly if I start of the "bad" controller and swap to the "good" one the problem percists.

This has only started happening since about patch 1.10.

General spec, HZD patched to latest and digital copy, no other dls running, launch ps4, normal ps4 controllers (not new pro ones). My PS4 is right next to my wireless router but no other wireless devices near by, but as I say all other PS4 games seem to work fine regardless of controller.

Has anyone had a similar issue and how do you fix it? I have seen a couple of other threads but no response on a successful fix.

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