Constructive Feedback after playing for over 8 hours. It’s an amazing concept with a kind of good implementation.

So I played this for quite a few hours now. I was furious at the beginning because of the terrible optimisation but decided to try and ignore it and play the game for what it is. The following are the problems I feel are there.


By now, I think everyone agrees that the driving mechanics are terrible, quite like Watch Dogs 1. Driving in games should always feel like a video game not realistic. I feel like this can be improved within the next month and should be one of Ubisoft's top priorities since combat during transit is just bad right now.

Clunky AC Like Movement Mechanics

Not exactly like Assassin's Creed but the mouse movement and the movement in general is kind of weird and clunky. I can understand if it is a BETA or Early Build issue but this area needs to be focused on to make the game play more fluid.

Cover Mechanic?

Considering this is a tactical shooter, I feel like there should be a dedicated button for going into cover. I don't understand how this wasn't in the concept to begin with but if you're playing with your squad and engaging in combat, a cover mechanic is a must. Right now, if you crouch and go near a cover it automatically triggers into the cover animation. However that just isn't right and the user should have complete control over the character whether in combat or not.


The graphics are quite frankly good but not good enough to justify how poorly it performs. The performance needs to be greatly improved and optimised. The drops during driving are just outrageous and I'd gladly appreciate if my better than average build (6700K 1070) could run it atleast on high at a stable 60 FPS.

Facial Animations and Audio Lip Sync

Not that big of an issue but I always like to immerse myself in any game I play and that requires that the voice acting and the animations during cutscenes be good. Right now, they again are kind of weird, certainly not as dogshit as the Division's voice acting, but still not as immersing as any player would like. I'd love it if this could be improved.

Overall, I always wanted a game with squad based missions which I could play with my friends and I am really looking forward to this one. These areas if they could be improved would gladly enhance everyone's experience. Ubisoft always has my respect for trying out new game concepts (Watch Dogs, Division and now Wildlands) but they do have their flaws as well. Looking forward to playing this on release as well.

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