Console Quality of Life Updates

With the addition of adventures for console, the odd number patches are going to be pushed back a week in order to improve the quality of the patches. I personally don't mind this, as there are many issues with crashing whenever there is a major content update on consoles, so taking some time to work these issues is important. However, since there is going to be a delay in these patches to work on technical issues, why not try and fit in some of the requested quality of life updates for consoles. These include:

  • Having your stats visible at all times. Currently, in order to view your stats you have to open the store and press the options button (PS4). This makes it impossible to see your stats on the fly, as you cannot move while the store is open on console.

  • The addition of HUD customization. Many people want to be able to alter many things such as the minimap size, as it can be difficult to distinguish details from far away.

  • The addition of custom control schemes and a different default control scheme. Similar to how PC has custom key bindings, it would be nice to be able to map controls to how you want them. Additionally, I believe that the default control scheme needs to be changed. This is primarily due to how the relics and consumables are accessed. On the default control scheme, relics are used by pressing two buttons (L2 + square and L2 + triangle). Pressing two buttons in a hectic situation can be difficult, and often times can lead to a death. So in order to not punish new players, I feel that the default control scheme needs to be changed.

  • Many people want in game text chat on console. This could be done fairly well on Xbox as I believe they have a keyboard accessory, but I have no idea how well this could be done on PS4.

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