Connection issues seem to be, somehow, worse than ever.

So, this game released in an absolutely unacceptable state, where for the first couple of days, I'd get dropped out of most matches, then it's got a little better, with me getting dropped out of half the matches and lately it's gone down to about 1/3 matches (Which is still absolutely pathetic for a $60 AAA game made by a major company in 2017). But now, it seems that, SOMEHOW, things have become even worse.

With the release of the new update, performance on PC, which used to be okay, is now pretty shit. With the game constantly stuttering and not being able to hold a stable 60fps even when your specs highly surpass the recommended. And the current connection issues have now pushed the game into the realm of the actual unplayable. Not only has the time it takes to find a match increased considerably (Which already used to be ludicrously long), but the disconnecting issues also have worsened. Now I can't seem to be able to finish a single a match. I played about 12 matches in the past few days and I was dropped out of 10 or 11 of those. Not to mention the whole "Game is synchronizing, please wait for a full minute while we attempt to fix this shitshow, maybe with your thumb up your arse, if that helps." message, which now appears way more frequently, stopping the action dead on its tracks and fucking with the flow of the match.

Seriously, I like this game, and I want to play it. But if it's gonna take me 5 to 8 minutes to get into a match from the moment I hit the "Start matchmaking" button, only for me to get dropped within 3 minutes 9 out of 10 times and lose all the XP I would have gained, then, what can I say? I'm just not gonna fucking play it, because no amount of awesome gameplay can make up for connection issues this bad.

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