Confused on where to progress.

I recently bought the game and have been having a great deal of fun with it. I hit t4 in my weapon (bow) as well as leather armor and went around trying to farm enemies like I read some people recommending.

My first problem is that the bow feels a little weak, I may just be using it wrong but I feel like it takes a great deal of time to fight t4 and sometimes even t3 dungeon enemies and find myself having to really pace myself which ends up making me not progress while sitting around waiting to heal after every fight.

I started the game doing everything, I was gethering every type of material here and there and would either use the ones I gathered to make better crafting gear and weapons or sell what I didn't need. It was near the time I started hitting t4 weapons and leather gear that I noticed a lot of people were advocating for specializing in one particular field so I stopped upgrading my tools because the cost for crafting them seemed pretty high and I let my gathering stagnate so now it's far behind my combat skills.

really, my question is: do I have to stick to just combat? Is it viable to gather in general even if I don't craft or should I gather and craft specifically for my weapons and armor- what should I be doing? There's another angle which is just do whatever and have fun but I do want to do whatever's going to help me progress in a more viable and efficient way.

Thank you 🙂

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