Concerning Aloy and her ability to do things of her own accord.

I love female protagonists. Aloy is my favorite heroine since Jade. Aloy sets off on her adventure knowing that she can and will find answers for herself, the Nora, and later the world. A terrible sin that is often committed when writers write women protagonists is their character's inability to perform heroic feats for their own discovery and personal benefit. While improvements were made in the new Lara Croft titles, Lara has this habit of doing things to please her lost father or tell herself she "has to do this." Lara constantly forms excuses for her actions like she never feels like it is right for her to think for herself.

Aloy is a win for feminists like me who do not have many other female video game icons to truly look up to. Aloy's feminism is not overbearing to the story and it remains strong and steadfast. She stands for female strength while not letting just her gender define who she is. It is important for Aloy to exist in the medium and I cannot wait to set off on another journey with Aloy. She is curious, self-motivated, caring, questioning of authority, capable of independent thought, smart, flawed, and really badass. Thank you so much Guerrilla. You created my favorite protagonist in the medium so far. And thank you Ashly Burch for an outstanding performance.

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