@Conan-QA: Fellow QA here. Please get these bugs priority ranked higher.

Hey QA,

I have about 10 years in QA as well, but not gaming QA. Hopefully these bug reports are helpful, if not already reported. Also, a few feature requests for the user experience.

Beds should not reset the player upon the server being restarted.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Place a bed down (not bed roll)
  • Restart the server
  • Login to the game
  • Look at the bed


  • Bed is unclaimed
  • Note: this may need 1 player to create multiple beds, and place them down for other clan members, but upon server reset, the bed is reset for everyone in the clan*

Cannot attack after placing building block from hand back into chest

Steps to reproduce

  • Put a foundation into your #1 slot, and a sword on #2
  • Press #1 on the keyboard (so the outline for placement is setup)
  • Open a chest
  • Place the foundation in the chest
  • Press #2 to switch to the sword
  • Press left mouse click


  • Unable to attack, it still has the foundation that it is trying to place.
  • Unable to switch weapons to remove this

Expected Result *Placing block outline should be removed, and the sword active

Work around *Pick the foundation back up *Put it back in slot 1 *Press #1 (Switch to foundation) *Press #2 (switch to sword — its now useable) *Put foundation in chest

Placing a water well restricts building around your base

Steps to reproduce

  • Place a water well
  • Attempt to place anything near it


  • Unable to place anything around it

Expected Result

  • Should be able to build and enclose the well.

User can spam the server with foundations by hiding them in the terrain

Steps to reproduce

  • Hold Shift(or ctrl?) and mouse wheel down with a foundation in hand.
  • Move it around the terrain until it's completely hidden


  • Run throughout the server and be a complete jerk, admins in private servers have a hard time to even fix it. This is a bad experience for new players, and just horrible in general

Expected Result

*Don't allow the block to be placed under the terrain

Continue factories upon server restart (smelting, smith, etc)

Steps to reproduce

  • Put stone, coal into the furnace
  • Turn it on
  • Restart the server

Expected Result

  • They should continue smelting, building after the server is back online

Actual Result

  • Everything is turned off 🙁

If this is helpful, I have a bunch of bugs to report, let me know.

I suck at writing markdown.

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