Conan Map; Caves, accurate TP Coords for Admins, Camp names and locations, Thralls, and more

Hello all!
I've been working on this map for some time now:

With help from other admins at Conan Admins United we have found camp locations, names, and tp coords! (big shout out to jaken97 on there)

If you take a quick look, you may notice something a little bit different than what you are used to in the game. We have a special version of the map that gives more details! Care was taken to keep the letter/number coord alignment of the popular reddit map in the same place.

If you click on an icon on the map you will be able to see the in-game camp names, a short description, and teleport command with coordinates to the exact spot of the camps.
This is very handy for admins for finding those blocked camps.
If you use the "debugcamps ?radius=10000 ?list" while standing near a camp you can see what the camp's name is that you are in.
(Broken since last patch is the ability to see if it's blocked or not, unfortunately they all say 'active' now no matter what)

More info and spreadsheet with all the camp names and coords is here!

All of this info has been added to the map with a dynamic coordinate system.
You can click anywhere on the map to get coordinates that are quite accurate. You only need to add the third Z coord, which can vary from place to place, but 1000 is generally 'near' the ground (be sure to use ghost mode!).

This can be helpful to regular players too, as you can know exactly where the camps are supposed to be, either to avoid them or kick out those who are building on them, or if you want to get those certain thralls. If you click on an icon a short description will show up in the lower right-hand sidebar with some relevant information.

We are in the process of adding resource node points (big thanks to Veronica on the CAU discord).
And I will probably get around to adding the Kappa Nest points soon.

If you have any other info or suggestions I'd love to hear it!
I could use more info on named Thralls elsewhere on the map (think all the ones in NW Relic Hunter/Stygian City are accounted for).

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