Conan is a culinary disaster! Need more good eats!

Right now all the food is either picked off the ground or roasted and all the while players are creating a putrid meat factory that can carpet the land with putrid meats. Also with only protein, I cannot imagine what would happen to everyones bowels. We need more fiber and better ways to prep food!

  • T1 Drying Rack – Will cook fish (funcom working on it) and meat at a much slower pace than fire (like at 1/4 the speed), but will last much longer 3x durability

  • T3 Cooking Cauldron – Heavy iron cast cauldron that can make better meals (more food pts) and give timed bonuses for consuming them (act as single items cannot stack in inventory) for example:

    1. 3xEgg + 2xFeral Flesh = Meaty soup +5% stamina regen
    2. Exotic Flesh + Venom Gland = Empowering roast +10 poise
    3. Sand Reaper Gland + Demon Blood + Bone + Ichor + Savory Flesh = Demons meat +25% attack +30% corruption (take hp damage for every excess % over 50%)

These are just examples. There could be more ingredients introduced and the bonus effects need some balancing. This gives a much bigger variety to the types of food available and more ways for food to be used. Some recipes might even need you to dry the meats before using them.

Putting this at T3 means that end game players could use this mechanic in order to tackle the more difficult dungeons that funcom will add in the future while also making dungeon raids or even base assault raids become more about planing when to cook and use to get the most boost. Hell, even a quick hearty meal can help defenders fight off their foes.

We can even look into futures where certain types of thralls (races) and ranks can have much difference meal recipes or different variations of meal bonuses. All in all, having meal recipes in the game gives Conan much needed flavor.

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