Conan Exiles is a ton of fun!

I have seen post after post about people who think this game is trash and the million reasons why… But I have to say I think Funcom is doing a great job and the game is getting better with each day. Now I may be asking for a bit much but I hope that Funcom gives us a little content in an upcoming patch. I know, the devs have other things they are working on, like game breaking exploits and glitches, BUT it would still be nice even if its just a few new cosmetic items or a single new weapon I don't really care just to say to us "There's more to come ;)"

-For those who are having trouble enjoying this game I highly recommend trying out different private servers until you are lucky enough to find one with an admin/admins who don't abuse their powers and know how to run a server. Join the server and chat around and see how nice the community is.

-Bragging not advertising- I have been playing since release on a single PvP vanilla server where their is a nice community and smart admins who actually now how to optimize a server to make the game run smooth. The larger guilds don't take advantage of their power and are actually helpful if you chat in game and participate in the community.

-Just in case this is the server Discord room:

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