Conan Exiles in depth Admin Guide/Advice

This is my first post on this sub-reddit and i hope that this is the appropriate place to put this to help out my fellow admins. Admin please delete if this is inappropriate for this sub-forum.

It seems like a lot of server admins are struggling with the admin tools provided so below i will provide an in depth guide on how to be a better adminerino and find out information about your players via sleuthing/reading the DB file.

Admin Commands: ** **Entered VIA console (~ key)

  • MakeMeAdmin “adminpassword” = Log into admin
  • MakeMeNormal = remove admin perms, but does not remove the effects already applied, best to relog.
  • SummonPlayer “playername” = Teleports a player to your location. TeleportPlayer x y z = Teleports you to your given coords, if a player needs help have them press ctrl,alt,shift,L. They can then copy this command already filled in with their information to you.
  • SpawnItem “itemid” “Quantity” = Useful if you need to spawn large amounts of items, i find it faster than the admin panel provided. Item ID’s can be found on the wiki.
  • ViewPlayer “PlayerName” = Spectates the player inside their skull, not the best view but a good way to catch exploiters. However this is buggy and sometimes puts you in the wrong players head :(.
  • ViewSelf = Returns your camera back to your own body.
  • God = Better than the demigod mode from the Admin Panel, you don’t die from explosions with this.
  • Fly = Useless because Ghost exists. Ghost = Fly and noclip, helpful for checking out bases.
  • Walk = Removes Fly and noclip effects, use this if you start falling through the world because ghost is buggy.
  • ToggleDebugHud = This can be used by non admins also, helpful to know your own coords and see your ping/players.
  • Invisibility = Makes you invisible, see below.

It is worth nothing that in admin mode you can press SHIFT-DELETE to remove building pieces you are looking at.

Conan is nice enough to give us an admin panel, easily accessible via our pause menu once you have entered your RCON password via the settings menu or via console using the MakeMeAdmin command.

Admin Panel Screenshot For Reference

There are a few things to note here, as some commands are buggy or have undesired effects.

Invisibility – Does not correctly show whether you are invisible or not to yourself, the majority of the time you will be invisible on your own screen but visible to others. instead when you activate the cheat hit esc to exit the menu and make sure the notification on the top right states cheat activated.

Demigod – This wont save you from starving or explosions.

Level 10, 30, 50 etc – These place you at the level described but don’t let you level up after that. It is suggested to use the +XP buttons instead.

Everything else on the panel is rather self explanatory.

DB FILE and sleuthing lurk a burs.

Okay so maybe there are better ways to do this, but once set up this takes me 5 seconds to find players/their buildings/levels etc.

Firstly you need to download your .db file, for me (since my server is hosted) it is in myserverdirectory/ConanSandbox/Saved.

I always download game_backup_1.db, but you can make your own decisions (You’re an adult, i think.)

Now we need to download some kind of tool to read the .db file, i suggest being a mad lad and getting this one

NOW! you have the app, time to git hektic and start sloothing. Open your app

it should bring you to this screen. Now just open your .db file and your tables should appear!

Okay time for business, to view your tables you want to use the browse data tab up the top there. ill give a description for what tables store what, but for now its important to note that up the top there are filters, so if looking for buildings owned by a certain clan you would search by that clan ID.

Here is an example of me finding what players are in a clan, using their clan ID as a filter in the characters table.

Note that the “rank” refers to their clan rank, 2 being owner, 1 officer and 0 as member.

Also note all steam ID’s are listed under PlayerID, as well as the game assigning them a character ID.

The easiest information to attain from these tables (that you will find useful) are the locations of players at the time the .DB was saved (actor_position), Who owns buildings we have found using an SQL query (assuming you know how to do this.), character levels and guilds (Characters).

There is plenty of extra information in there, but that’s for you to explore, this guide is getting long enough as it is.

Using the DB file you can also use a program like Wamp to do a sql query to find items blocking thrall camps but given the recent update that has now become redundant. If anyone wants to know how to do this let me know and i will update the guide.

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