Conan Community Management Ideas/Thoughts From Some Dude On The Interwebs.

First things first. Im just another random fan of the game. My opinions are worth about as much as all your toe nail clippings combined. but thats bout it. Carry on.

So Theres a few things i think could really help with this communities "management" so to speak. And im going to address them below. I think a healthy community is vital to the success of this game. If you look at how other gaming communities around individual games/developers, many of the more successful games thrive even with glaring flaws. (Example : Destiny. Game story was garbage, but the gameplay mechanics were solid and the community was thriving ) ( I will reference Destiny several times throughout this as that is where i have al experience in said community and with there moderators/community manager)

Disclaimer : There is no ONE right way to do something. These are merely this random guy on the internet suggestions. Just another persons opinions and Hopefully constructive criticism.

  • Interaction with developers/moderators: This is really really, Really difficult to get right. And there is no fix all obviously. But some things ive noticed in other communities that could Potentially help here is the way the developer manages and communicates with its player base. There needs to be MORE. MORE MORE MORE interaction from devs. One possible way of doing this would be a weekly update. Bungies community manager's on a weekly basis will open up a forum post where people can spam questions. The only rule that i know of (other then being a decent human being) is that your questions must all be in one response. Not 50 replies with 1 question each. The manager then closes the post. Reads through them. Selects a dozen or so questions. And Answers them with his own spin/touch/flair. Sometimes he picks a few softball questions. Sometimes he picks some hardballs. Thats up to you guys. But the weekly update will have a bunch of random news, random interviews with certain team member X thats in charge of X duty at the company. The manager does a write up on whatever. And then does the community questions. And calls it a day. This is a way the community gets different news and updates and allows the community to feel like it is being listened to.

  • Moderators. Having good moderators that are involved in the community. Another really difficult thing to fill. How many mods is enough? NO IDEA lol. But I have friends that are moderators in other gaming communities. And they say its really hard to "get it right" How they interact with the community is vital. They need to develop there own personalities and become figures in said community. They obviously are required to swing the ban hammer sometimes. Just gonna happen. People are going to push as far as they can. All the time. And mods are going to have to be swift with the hammer in certain cases. But where do u draw the line? Thats for you guys to figure out the right balance. But the moderators NEED to be SUPPORTED by the developer in some capacity. They need to be lead by THE community manager and said manager's team. The manager needs to set ground rules and help the mods do there jobs. If the mods are overwhelmed, they may need to bring on more mods so that the mods arent scrambling to review posts left and right.

  • In Game Moderation – Another tough one. ( If these were all easy. they wouldnt be issues) There NEEDS, NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS to be some form of punishment for ppl in game who are constantly exploiting and cheating. Suspend them. Give ppl a way to report this. 99% of games have this. Just for the love of god the #1 killer of this game is people abusing exploits. Make an example and i promise it will drop off drastically. U dont have to publicly shame them. But announce u banned X players this week etc.

Anyways. I will post this on steam forums as well. I just thought that i might have a good idea or two somewhere in there.

TLDR : Some ideas on community involvement / Funcom supporting their mods. Ban Cheaters.

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