Computer hacked, Blizzard can’t help me.

Time line of events:

6:00 am: Woke up this morning to some strange PayPal activity ($1,800 in charges) which I resolved through them by 7:00. One charge was $20 blizzard token purchase, weird. Normal day at work… 9:00 pm: got on my home PC noticed my MS AV was turned off, weird. Turned it back on. 9:05 pm: logged into WoW… my toon is naked wtf… I am now under the impression that my WoW account was hacked. Open a ticket, change my passwords etc. 9:10 pm: log into my character and my addons are off… strange because if my character was logged into remotely then that wouldn't matter. 9:30 pm: start combing through my event viewer and putting the pieces together that my computer was actually remotely accessed. A local admin account was created, remote IP appears to be Russia. 9:45 pm: GM tells me that everything happened on my computer, therefore my character cannot be rolled back. I am SoL.

TL/DR: computer hacked and gear (ilvl 900) sold and money gone (~400k). Blizzard can't (won't) help because it happened on my computer, not a remote computer, therefore have no proof.

I am a married man with 2 kids (toddlers). This isn't some college roommate pranking me.

Has anyone had any experience getting something like this resolved?

EDIT: Thanks for the responses about viruses and my priorities. I have already taken care of that. I was merely posting on here to get some WoW support. Computer already reloaded.

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