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Raiding in this game is completely the same as it is in rust or ark. You build explosives, blow through any old wall that looks like a good spot, and see if it opened a hole into a loot room? If not repeat on a new wall and continue until loot is obtained or you run out of explosives. The one difference between this game and the likes of rust or ark, is the fact that every single container and crafting station is locked, which creates a horrible system where raiding someone doesn’t just entail blowing through a couple walls, it means destroying their entire fricking lively hood to get even a few mats. While this works at a basic level, I believe it could be so much better than it currently is and so much less frustrating for people who are being raided.


First I’d like to see raiding evolve more organically over the course of a player’s lifetime, the player gaining more powerful and varied tools to use as they level up and I’d like for this to be a smooth increase in options over the entirety of the player’s experience. Instead of the current system we have which is a raiding system that is completely locked away from any player who doesn’t have access to steel tools, which don’t unlock until much later and once a player does have steel tools/weapons, the players can go on huge rampages against lower level characters completely wiping them from the map. This is a very sudden and abrupt jump in raiding power, that doesn’t feel very organic or fun. To accomplish this smoother raiding curve, I’d like to three new recipe kits added the crafting tree that provides raiding tools at more regular intervals. The new crafting kits would be called “New raider,” “Basic raider,” and “advanced raider.” Each of these recipe kits would come with recipes pertaining exclusively to raiding, unlocking new weapons, buildings, and siege tools that help in raiding.

  • By introducing 3 new recipe kits surrounding raiding, it forces people to sort of spec into raiding, and it allows each one to build off the last meaning you can't skip one to get a latter more effective recipe kit. Also by having 3 it allows you to really spread each one into different places into the tree without having a shit ton of new recipes added to the tree.

  • Also, having to wreck peoples shit to access it is one of the most horrible systems I’ve ever seen implemented, please unlock crafting stations and box.


The first of these new crafting kits, the “new raider” would include a new tool/weapon called the “siege hammer.” To facilitate the use of this new tool, and balance the other weapons I’d like to see ALL buildings completely invulnerable to conventional weapons. The Siege hammers would have an iron variant and a steel variant. The siege hammer would weigh a shit ton (like 2 to an empty inventory), and take large amounts of iron to create (like 5 Warhammers worth), they would take large amounts of stamina to swing, and would have a large damage range (iron 0 – 20 damage, steel 0 – 100) making it harder to precisely guess how quickly they could break anything. On top of that each siege hammer would break after 50-75 hits depending on quality and tier (iron 50-60, steel 60-75) you could expect an iron siege hammer to go through 1-3 tier 1 doors. The siege hammers would be capable of damaging any door of a lower tier then them, and any building piece two tiers lower than them. For example an iron siege hammer could break tier 1 doors, and a steel siege hammer could break tier 1 and 2 doors, and tier 1 building pieces. Also due to their rougher than normal use, siege hammers would not be repairable like normal weapons. Introducing this weapon at the same time as iron weapons, introduces players to the idea of raiding at a much early stage than currently, allowing lower level characters to participate in raiding, but it forces them to only raid into buildings through their doors allowing defenders to sort of control the flow of a raid.

  • What I hope to accomplish with the siege hammers is a low level siege weapon that’s pretty unreliable, but gets the job done if you have the time and resources. That's why I use so many number ranges instead of hard numbers when describing their potential. I also believe this unpredictability will result in people raiding less randomly, it makes them pick their targets more.


In addition to the “siege hammer” included in the “new raider” recipe kit, I’d like to see a grappling hook and climbing rope. The grappling hook would, like the siege hammer, come in two different variants one being iron, and the other being steel. To use a grappling hook, a player would have to craft climbing rope and attached it to the hook they wanted to use. The amount of rope attached to the hook would determine how low the rope would hang from the point of impact after the grappling hook was shot, the amount of rope attached to the grappling hook would also affect the weight of the hook and affect how straight the hook flew. Shooting the hook would be as simple as using a bow since the hook would count as a special type of arrow, slotted into your favorite bow and shot at the place you want to climb too. Once the Grappling hook hit a piece of terrain or a building it would drop the rope you attached to it and any player could interact with the rope to start climbing. When climbing the rope a players stamina would be used up based on how much weight they were currently carrying. On top of that each grappling hook tier would have a maximum weight limit that it could move before it snapped, this would work by calculating the weight of a player when they interacted with the grappling hook and subtracting that amount from the weight total, when the weight limit zeroed out the rope would be given 10-20 seconds before snapping. Of course the higher tier of grappling hook would have a higher weight limit. The cool thing about grappling hooks, is that they could then be used in exploration, and lots of cool world puzzles and story pieces could be hidden in places where a grappling hook is needed to reach. Attacking, while on the grappling hook would be possible, but it would shorten your amount of time to climb because of the stamina cost.

  • grappling hooks are a raiding tool answer to cliff bases, as well as giving solo players a relatively powerful tool to do more stealthy raids. While it might seem like I've made them a little too complicated, that's because unless done right these could be come annoyingly powerful tools.


The last item I’d like to see added to the “New raider” recipe kit, would be the first proper siege weapon, the battering ram frame. The battering ram frame would be, as the name says, a frame that a player could place anywhere including inside another players claim. Carrying the battering ram around would be a pain though, because it would weigh so much that a player wearing no armor and with 0 points in encumbrance would be a single point away from being over encumbered. Once placed the frame would act similarly to a crafting bench, where players could input resources into its inventory and place up to 6 carpenter/siege worker thrall at it, the thralls would use the resources placed into the ram to build the ram. Initially the ram would take 7 hours to be completely built, but each thrall placed would reduce the amount of time it would take for the ram to be finished down to a minimum of 30 minutes. Once the battering ram was completely built it would need at least 4 and up to 6 people or thralls to be operated, moving slightly faster and doing more damage the more people or thralls who were attached to it. To start operating the battering ram players would have to walk up to and interact with the battering ram, with the first player interacting with it being the “driver,” thralls could be slotted into the battering ram to fill spaces that a player would otherwise occupy. Once the battering ram is filled with enough people/thralls, it can be directed towards the closest wall/building you want destroyed, then it’s as easy as clicking right mouse to swing the battering ram damaging whatever is in front of it. The battering ram would be capable of damaging ALL tiers of buildings and external walls (I’ll talk about those in the defense section), but higher tiers would have different resistance modifiers.

  • Battering rams are for wealthy solo players, or clans who wish to do maximum damage and don't mind spending the extra money.




Defensive actions while being raided can really be boiled down into two different categories, Active defense, and Passive defense. Active defense is what happens when a player is online while raided and is out attacking the players trying to raid them, these are defenses that are usually very powerful, but are often time limited and require a player to be online. Passive defense are thralls, walls, and anything that’s built to defend against raiders. Currently the game has little options for BOTH of these sorts of defense and this is a big problem, because without having expansive options for defense, we can’t have expansive options for attacking, without the game feeling completely unfair. Being on the receiving end of a raid, whether you’re online or not completely comes down to the number of players or explosives that are used against you. Currently thralls are nowhere near big enough of a threat to actually discourage people from raiding and there really isn’t anything else that a player can do to discourage raiding other than building annoying things like honey combs. If you’re lucky enough to be raided while online, you have a slightly better chance on being able to repel the attacked, but it doesn’t make a huge difference because raiders can blow into your building from any direction they want, giving you as the defender very little ways to control the flow of invaders, despite the fact that they are invading into your land.


To allow players to better control over how potential raiders enter their abode, and to improve their passive defenses, I’d like to see the amount of health that doors, walls, and foundations have, completely over hauled. Doors should be the weakest point in a building (500 health sandstone door) and should be the ONLY way that a newbie raider can enter into a building. Walls should at least have double the health of a door (1000 health sandstone wall), and foundations should have even more health than walls (1500 health sandstone foundation), this means recipes to craft might need to be changed a bit to make foundations more expensive then they currently are.

  • Doors stay where they are while walls and foundations get a health buff.


On top of the change to existing walls, I’d like to see a new kind of wall introduced that is completely dedicated to defense and not towards building. This wall type would be used as an external defensive structure that a player would use to surround their base with instead of using it to create their base. These external walls would be added to the game for each building tier each one would have 2x-3x the health of a normal wall at their tier and could only be broken by a proper siege weapon such as a trebuchet or battering rams. Each external wall would operate as their own placeable object and would project a miniscule claim around them (unless the claim system is changed which it should be). The external wall would be around 3-4 basic walls high, 1-3 foundations wide, and .5 foundations thick. Along with the basic external wall there would be a triangle sections that matches up with the current triangle pieces, and the large door and gate pieces would be able to be attached to external walls. External walls would freely rotate on their snap points (similar to rusts external walls), and stairs could be snapped to the ramparts and additional walls could be snapped to the stairs allowing walls to raise or lower in more precise increments ( ). In addition to stairs, each wall piece could have a variety of defenses attached to them. These defenses would cover a wide variety of uses, such as spikes placed on the top of walls preventing people from climbing the walls, Guard towers that Archer thralls could be slotted into to, Weapon platforms that large ballista’s and springaldss could be placed on to destroy incoming siege weapons, vats of oil that thralls could be placed on to dump when people get close to the wall, and any other number of cool defensive options. External walls are meant to be a passive perimeter defense designed to protect large areas, without being used to create your core buildings.

  • External walls very similar to rusts.


Like I mentioned in the previous section, I’d like to see a variety of new defensive structures that can be snapped to various parts of buildings or the suggested external walls. The first I mentioned, and probably the easiest to implement would be the spikes. While spiked palisades are already in the game, they are placed at the base of buildings and would not be effective at stopping players when/if grappling hooks are introduced into the game. The spikes would come in wood variants and an iron variant that could snap onto the top edge of walls pieces ( and would have health that was independent of the wall they were attached to. The spikes would cause damage to any player that touched them, but they would be vulnerable to the siege hammers I suggested above, and specific types of arrows.

  • Wall spikes that can be attached to the top edge of walls and the suggested external walls.


The second defensive structure I mentioned was a guard tower that archer thralls could be slotted into. These would be small house shaped buildings designed to give archer thralls more defense from being attacked, but at the cost of narrowing their field of views. The guard houses would be the size of a single foundation and only a little taller than a wall ( ), they would act similarly to a crafting station, but for archer thralls. Players could interact with the guard house attaching an archer thrall too it, allowing the archer thrall to shoot out of the guard houses single window and proving the archer protection from the sides.

  • Guard towers that archers can be slotted into for improved defense, but a smaller firing cone.


Third I mentioned a weapons platform. This particular defensive structure is really only used as a foundation for the large anti-siege weapon defenses to be placed, the anti-siege weapon defenses are the actually cool part about that idea. We know siege weapons are coming in the form of trebuchet and we can all assume that eventually battering rams, and while they are going to be fricking amazing, they are going to make offline raiding easier than it already is, and that’s why we need some sort of defenses that can compete with them while a player is offline. What I’m suggesting is a stationary ballista and a stationary springald. The stationary springald would be the shorter range and cheaper to construct of the anti-siege weaponry firing large bolts at incoming siege weaponry, specifically battering rams or siege towers. The stationary ballista would be the long range anti-siege weapon that fired large bolts at any siege weapons that was in its considerable range, primarily the trebuchets. Due to the size of their bolts and their relative inaccuracy these weapons would not fire on players (or only on really close players) as it would mostly be a waste.

  • Sringald and ballistas introduced as anti-siege weapon defenses.


Lastly I mentioned vats of oil that would be dumped on players that get to close to walls. Pretty self-explanatory, this defensive structure would snap onto the top of the suggested external walls, or on floor pieces and could be interacted with to dump flaming/boiling oil in a specific direction. Additionally thralls could be slotted into the vat to make it automated to dump whenever a non-clan member visited.

  • Vats of boiling oil that players or thralls could dump.

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