Comprehensive Feedback – Raiding

If you're familiar with my last post, awesome. I'm going to go straight into the meat this time. First is experiences broken into raider, raidee, second is suggestions. I'm sure that some of my bullet points are going to be exactly as the developers intend it to play out, but I am mentioning those points just in case it isn't. (such as caves.)

Experience as raider

  • Archer thralls ruin stealth attempts.

  • I can only choose to be 100% of an asshole if I want to steal items from box/crafting/refining stations. No "Stealing" option, only total destruction.

  • Raiding someone basically ensures they move and start over or leave the server.

  • Ramparts are a joke. I get full visibility AND they shield me from arrows while I destroy them? Win-win for me. Shouldn't do this.

  • Exploding pots are fun!

  • Ladders? Grapples?

Experience as a raidee

  • Being the home team doesn't seem to offer as much advantage unless living on a hill.

  • Stifled by a limited number of defensive options. Need an equal or close sized force to defend against attackers.

  • Boobytraps non-existent as far as I'm concerned.

  • False/secret walls non-existent.

  • Secret compartment objects non-existent.

  • Damming up a cave and living in it is probably best defense against gods.

  • Plenty of loot left behind, goes to waste, does not encourage rebuilding for more/extended pvp.


  • Repair hammers to upgrade objects. ( Sandstone -> Reinforced -> Stone -> Reinforced stone. As per 7 days to die. )

  • Maybe level 1 archers will ignore crouching players. Level 2 will ignore crouching players at night. Level 3 will never fail to spot players. Makes stealth viable.

  • Ramparts should not stop arrows. This way they do not provide cover to attackers.

  • Ramparts have too little in the way of health.

  • A "Big boy" exploding pot would be neat. Very heavy, and you can only drop it at your feet. Being a "Bomb carrier" would be awesome in organized pvp.

  • When a foundation is destroyed, everything that's on it should consolidate into a 24-48 hour rubble pile. Raiders can choose to interact with the rubble to find and loot objects. Rubble pile could also be lit on fire to destroy everything except stone, bricks and metals. It gives someone offline raided the opportunity to rebuild a very basic base.

  • All lootable containers, crafting stations and refinery objects should unlock at half health. No longer is anyone forced to completely destroy the investment of the clan they're raiding to get loot. This is to encourage light raiding, which sees the victim being more likely to stay and PVP to continue.

  • As with above, I also think that enemies should be able to repair locks with a repair hammer so that they can work in a covert/thief style. This is a great roleplaying option.

  • Lockpicking?

  • Boiling vats of oil to pour down on attackers.

  • Grappling hooks or ladders to climb walls. Defenders can interact with the hook or ladder to push them off.

  • Caltrops? Chain hung deadfall traps? Sharpened stick foot traps? Bear traps?

  • Turret / slit windows for archers.

  • Level III carpenter Thralls could unlock access to furniture that offers a single inventory slot as secret compartments. Lootable furniture could make a hollow sound when hit to clue in raiders so that they do not have to sit on or interact with every object.

  • Pretty please, secret or false walls with remote triggers. This would make owning a larger castle structure a lot more interesting. (Triggers like torch, or book case? These objects open/close nearest secret wall to keep it simple.)

Out of anything, I think that having an object unlock at half their health value on containers/crafting stations/refinery would be the best change. This'll let players raid and pillage without utterly squashing the target base. If a raid isn't heavy handed, your target will often stay and rebuild. This gives you the chance to raid them again. As it stands right now, raids are by default so heavy handed that most clans will move entirely after a single raid because 90% of their investment is gone.

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