Comprehensive Armor Testing!! Plus bonus Agility info!

Well, the most common question asked in my Comprehensive Weapon DPS thread was about armor. Weapon DPS thread located here:

So I figured out an easy way to test it and did to provide you, my sweaty and sometimes naked exiles, the hard data :D. My methodology was simple, make my Thrall (separately created character I played) go get hit by stuff naked and with each armor and record the health levels. Then put points into agility and test again. I recorded the damage values and whipped my Mathematician Thrall until he gave me the proper answers. He was so terrified he also figured out the DPS of the Crocs and Hyenas I was testing against. His actions have pleased me and he may be eating Roast Haunch tonight….provided he washes the armor he soiled during testing.



Tests vs the Croc:


  • Croc Damage vs Naked Mathmetician = 77 damage

  • With Coarse Armor (9) = 70 damage taken (7 of 77 prevented = 9.09% Reduction) Each point of armor worth 1.01% reduction.

  • With Light Armor (23) = 61 damage taken (16 of 77 prevented = 20.77% Reduction) Each point of armor worth 0.90% reduction.

  • With Medium Armor (63) = 44 damage taken (33 of 77 prevented = 42.85% Reduction) Each point of armor worth 0.68% reduction.

  • Heavy Armor (87) = 39 damage taken (38 of 77 prevented = 49.35% Reduction) Each point of armor worth 0.56% reduction.



Tests vs the Hyena:


  • Hyena Damage vs Naked Mathematician = 17 damage

  • With Coarse Armor (9) = 16 damage taken
    (1 of 17 prevented = 5.88% Reduction)

  • With Light Armor (23) = 14 damage taken
    (3 of 17 prevented = 17.64% Reduction)

  • With Medium Armor (63) = 10 damage taken
    (7 of 17 prevented = 41.17% Reduction)

  • With Heavy Armor (87) = 8 damage taken
    (9 of 17 prevented = 52.94% reduction)



Agility Testing!!: Agility improved the baseline armor of the player, even naked! though I had to equip a new piece or armor and unequip for the value to update.


Agility Values:


  • 10 Agility: 10 armor
  • 20 Agility: 20 armor
  • 30 Agility: 30 armor
  • 40 Agility: 40 armor
  • 50 Agility: 50 armor


Coarse Armor: 9 Base Armor


  • 10 Agility: 19 armor
  • 20 Agility: 29 armor
  • 30 Agility: 39 armor
  • 40 Agility: 49 armor
  • 50 Agility: 59 armor


Light Armor: 23 Base Armor


  • 10 Agility: 33 armor
  • 20 Agility: 43 armor
  • 30 Agility: 53 armor
  • 40 Agility: 63 armor
  • 50 Agility: 73 armor


Medium Armor: 63 Base Armor


  • 10 Agility: 73 armor
  • 20 Agility: 83 armor
  • 30 Agility: 93 armor
  • 40 Agility: 103 armor
  • 50 Agility: 113 armor



Heavy Armor: 87 Base Armor


  • 10 Agility: 97 armor
  • 20 Agility: 107 armor
  • 30 Agility: 117 armor
  • 40 Agility: 127 armor
  • 50 Agility: 137 armor


Testing with 50 agility heavy armor: 137 armor

  • VS Croc I went to 169 hp and 138 hp respectively, thus it did 31 damage of it's 77 base damage. This is 46 damage prevented and a 59.74% damage reduction) Each point of armor was worth 0.436% reduction.



Bonus Round Croc and Hyena DPS!!:


  • Croc: Approx 300 HP. 77 damage per hit, attack speed = 0.5 attacks per second. Croc DPS = 38.5. It hits HARD, but attacks rather slow. It'll sometimes growl, the equivalent of a taunt, and the DPS drops even lower during this time. Has a long windup for the aattck making the attacks potentially easy to dodge once you learn them. Slow and can be kited. Large aggro range and very large follow distance.

  • Hyena: Approx 125 hp, 17 damage per hit, attack speed = 1.2 attacks per second. Hyena DPS = 20.4. Cripples you, preventing you from running. This stacks with spider poison and can make you unable to move. Tends to attack in packs. Runs faster than players, escape only an option with a large head start or if you jump cliffs or use obstacles. Incredibly large aggro range and large follow distance.



Final Thoughts.


  • Armor seems to have diminishing returns and is worth less than half as much per point as originally. That being said, heavy armor can still be worth it for end game as enemies hit hard and have large hp pools so every bit of protection matters.

  • Agility makes a difference and the difference is larger on the lower armors. However with the diminishing returns on armor and flat returns on vitality it's likely better to stack vitality for a tank type character. The returns from extra armor once you hit medium armor begin to be very small and unlike an MMORPG there is no healer in this game, only whatever healing items you have on hand.

  • For a direct example of the above point, Light Armor with 20 agility would reduce damage by 33.76 instead of it's normal 20.77%. However as you can see from the medium to heavy armor comparison you'd gain about half as much protection thanks to diminishing returns with agility on medium armor. Again would be great to make haling more valuable, but no healing magic in this game..just healing items.

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