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Moron here, forgot to mention there are SPOILERS in this thread! Mods if you could mark this I would appreciate it

Link to map and colorblind map:

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Map Note: If two markers are in the same spot, start at the comma between the numbers. This isn’t an exact science, but the markers and short descriptions should get you what you need!

Text Datapoints – World

Datapoint #01,

Datapoint #02, “Haere Mai” (inside the ruin, up against the north wall)

Datapoint #03, “Schott V. Frost” (in the center of the ruin)

Datapoint #04, “Jeff Andreatis Show” (Inside the ruin on a small hill)

Datapoint #05, “UK Vets Struggle” (Inside the ruined building, in the northwest corner) (Credit /u/bontinator)

Datapoint #06, “Leaks Spark Fears” (Just outside the ruin, on a hill, next to the wall)

Datapoint #07, “Hartz Wins Bahamas” (In the ruined gas station next to a car)

Datapoint #08, “1st Amendment Virtual?” (Inside the ruin, against the southern wall, near pillars)

Datapoint #09, “Harriet Choi Dies” (Next to the road, between two pieces of ruin)

Datapoint #10, “Mourn Mosquitoes?” (Just laying on a patch of dirt in the open)

Datapoint #11,

Datapoint #12, “Who Did This? #86” (Just south of the campfire in the ravine with some Bandits, out in the open) (Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #13, “Lure of the Real” (Just south of the road, inside a rusted out pipe on the ground) (Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #14,

Datapoint #15, “Reiker Building?” (In the ruined building near the snapmaws)

Datapoint #16, “Get Ti-D-O Started!” (After clearing the corrupted machines, in the small house on a pile of rubble)

Datapoint #17, “Robar is Coming!” (In the lowest section of the bandit camp, near a ruined tower)

Datapoint #18,

Datapoint #19, “Inebrib Available!” (near #20, 21 in the creek) (Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #20, “RPGreet!” (ruined building, between two sections of destroyed wall) (Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #21, “Get Tactile!” (Ruined building, just outside) (credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #22,

Datapoint #23, “It’s Pizzaveet!” (Under a deathbringer) (Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #24,

Datapoint #25, “Veeteats!” (On a tank, just east of #23) (Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #26,

Datapoint #27,

Datapoint #28,

Datapoint #29,

Datapoint #30,

Datapoint #31,

Datapoint #32, “Metal Vs. Meat!” (Partially hidden inside the ruined plane, on the ground(Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #33,

Datapoint #34,

Datapoint #35, “Tormented Giveaway!” (In the ruins amidst some rubble)

Datapoint #36,

Datapoint #37, “Course Listing, 2063” (Inside the north pool of water) (credit /u/havocspc)

Datapoint #38, “$$$ With Mechbooker!” (In the ravine, on a rock, hard to miss!)

Datapoint #39,

Datapoint #40, “All The Same” (Inside a gas pump)

Datapoint #41, “China-Sick” (Just north of the campfire, on a rusted out box on a wall)

Datapoint #42,

Datapoint #43, “Mexico” (In the ruined building, near two rusted out cars, next to a wall)

Datapoint #44, “Cram” (In the ruins just south of the campfire) (credit /u/goonie1990)

Datapoint #45, “Supplier” (On some rubble in the northeast corner of the ruin)

Datapoint #46, “Sleeper” (Under the street sign post)

Datapoint #47, “Idiot Army” (On a rusted out car at the edge of the river)

Datapoint #48, “Holo-Haunting” (under a small cement overhang)

Datapoint #49, “Luna Here I Come” (On a ledge in the ruins, visible from a hill the ledge is protruding from)

Datapoint #50, “Log: 3/3/64” (On the south side of the hill, just off the road) (Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #51, “I Must Thank You” (Just west of #13, next to a downed propeller) (Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #52, “To All Jessifans” (At the bottom of the big flight of stairs, on the big flat surface)

Datapoint #53, “Chocolate Box Log” (Amongst the ruined walls, near the start of the stairs)

Datapoint #54, “Log: 5/18/63” (Inside the ruined building, next to the tree on the north side of the stairs) (Credit /u/ui910)

Datapoint #55, “Special Orders” (just inside the ruins of the building, main entrance)

Datapoint #56, “What Scares Me…” (Across the path from the ruined plane, in ‘plane’ sight! Just under all the caches) (Credit /u/vidinator)

Dataloint #57, “Do Your Part” (Just down in the ravine from the campfire, just down a couple ledges, and to the right) (Credit /u/lanaofthebunnyclan)

Datapoint #58,

Datapoint #59,

Datapoint #60, “This Sucks” (Just north of the path, in some old rubble)

Datapoint #61, “Phantom Limbs” (Just west of the smaller river, in the ruins)

Datapoint #62,

Datapoint #63, “Odyssey Injustice?” (Underneath a tank)(Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #64, “Odyssey Drives Ready!” (next to the tank just north of #63) (Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #65, “Odyssey To Nowhere” (In one of the three ruined tanks sorounding the ruined building(credit to /u/derprume))

Datapoint #66, “Dalgaard on FZ” (Inside the plane fuselodge) (Credit /u/vidinator)

Datapoint #67, “Odyssey Ready?” (Inside a part of a ruined plane, just north of the path the Tallneck walks(Credit /u/lanaofthebunnyclan & /u/earbeat)


Glyph #01, “The Sun-Kings” (north of the Sun King when you first meet him, with all the fancy couches and pillows)

Glyph #02,

Glyph #03,

Glyph #04, “Bylaws of the Lodge” (In the Hunters Lodge in Miridian)

Glyph #05, “The Claim” (In Daytower, above the northern campfire, suspended on a platform with barrels and sandbags(credit to /u/omgcolin))

Glyph #06, “Founding of Meridian” (Next to the sun king, easy to get during the quest “Into the Borderlands”)

Glyph #07, “The Liberation” (Miridian, on a picnic table with some random guards, just East of #08)

Glyph #08, “The Mad Sun-King” (Miridian, outside the entrance to the Palace)

Glyph #09, “The Sun Faith” (In the middle of the big circle thing in Miridian)

Glyph #10, “Legendary Hunts” (In the Hunters Lodge, upstairs, Miridian)

Glyph #11, “Record of Redmaw 1” (In the Hunters Lodge, upstairs, Miridian)

Glyph #12, “Olin’s Journal” (Part of the main quest, impossible to miss)

Glyph #13, “The Banuk” (In the Inn of Lone Light, on a shelf)

Glyph #14, “The Nora” (In Brightmarket, in the Inn, on the counter next to the bartender)

Glyph #15 “The Derangement” (In Daytower on a table on the eastern side)((Glyphs in White numbers)

Glyph #16, “The Old Ones” (On a shelf behind a bartender, different building from #15, west side of town)

Glyph #17,

Glyph #18, “The Forbidden West” (In the boat moored at the dock)

Audio Datapoints

#01 Log: Connor Chasson (Ruins Aloy visits as a child)

#02 Log: Skylar Rivera (See above)

#03 Log: Ella Pontes

#04 Log: Jackson Frye

#05 Log: Mia Sayied

#06 Log: Connor Chasson

#07 Full Stop

#08 For Director Evans (all above in same ruins)

#09 R&D/Lab Retooling (Makers End, Floor 1)

#10 Entangled Waveforms (Makers End, Floor 1)

#11 Regarding the Rumors (Makers End, Floor 6)

#12 Comms Log: Lt. Murell (The Grave Hoard, Floor 1, main entrance)

#13 Comms Log: SGT. Guliyev (The Grave Hoard, Floor 1, main entrance)

#14 Comms Log: CPL. Mills (The Grave Hoard, Floor 1, main entrance)

#15 Comms Log: SGT. Wandari (The Grave Hoard, Floor 1, main entrance)

#16 Reminder. Again. (The Grave Hoard, Floor 2, take a right at the 4-way split after the room with logs #17/18)

#17 Log: CPL. Acosta (A) (The Grave Hoard, Floor 2, right after the room with the water)

#18 Log: CPL. Acosta (B) (The Grave Hoard, Floor 2, right after the room with the water)

#19 Just A Little Longer (The Grave Hoard, Floor 2, go straight at the 4 way split after the room with logs #17/18)

#20 So Sorry! (The Grave Hoard, Floor 2, go straight at the 4 way split after the room with logs #17/18)

#21 Edited And Approved 1 (The Grave Hoard, Floor 3, after fighting the group of eclipse with a machine, climb the rubble and head to the side room to find #21-25)

#22 Edited And Approved 2

#23 I Believe In You

#24 Please Reply!

#25 Unit Status Report

#26 Code Nexus Reminder (The Grave Hoard, In the room with the three power cell things connected to the door, bottom level, clue for one of the puzzles)

#27 Securecom EVZD-XX1X011X (The Grave Hoard Floor 4, after fighting the deathbringer, in the room with the holo projector)

#28 Wife (#28-33, During the quest “To Curse the Darkness”, inside the Eclipse camp where the first human enemies are)

#29 Meridian’s Fall

#30 Prophecy

#31 Itamen Coddled

#32 Without Pity

#33 Chosen of the Sun

#63 Recording Device (Dervahls Workshop, end of quest “Into the Borderlands”)

Hologram Datapoints

#01 Happy Birthday Isaac! (Unmissable)

#02 A Message for Olin (Unmissable, part of main quest)

#03 Welcome to FAS(Makers End, unmissable)

#04 FAS-ACA3 Scarab (Makers End, Floor 3. Activate the Holo projector and listen to the whole thing)

#05 FAS-FSP5 Khopesh (Makers End, Floor 3)

#06 FAS-BOR7 Horus (Makers End, Floor 3)

#07 Record: 31 OCT 2064 (Makers End, Top, Unmissable)

#08 Record: 1 NOV 2064 (Makers End, Top, Unmissable)

#09 Record: 3 NOV 2064 (Makers End, Top, Unmissable)


Text Datapoints – Quests

#01 All Good Things… Ruins Aloy Visits as a child(?)

#02 Bio: Elisabet Sobeck (given automatically)

#03 Bio: Ted Faro

#04 History: FAS

#05 Definition: Corporation (#2-5 given during a main quest, unmissable)

#06 Reception Log (Makers End, Floor 1)

#07 Re: Complaint (Makers End, Floor 2)

#08 Banda Sea Incident (Makers End, Floor 11)

#09 All Hands On Deck (Makers End, Floor 7)

#10 Spiritual Summit (Makers End, Floor 3)

#11 FAS Campus Log (Makers End, Floor 3)

#12 Log: CPL. Sarai (A) (The Grave Hoard, Floor 2)

#13 Log: CPL. Sarai (B) (The Grave Hoard, Floor 2)

#14 USRC Deployment Records (The Grave Hoard, Floor 3, in the room with the big round table that’s partially flooded)

#15 Biosphere Degradation (After fighting the Deathbringer, through the door and on the right, The Grave Hoard, Floor 4)

#49 Dervahl’s Journal (In the workshop at “Into the Borderlands” quest, unmissable)

Text Datapoints – Machines

#01 Observer Log US-W-17 (Tallneck in Devils Thirst, you must rappel down the Tallneck after overriding it, otherwise you wont get the datapoint!)

#02 Observer Log US-W-18 (Tallneck in Copper Deeps)

#03 Observer Log US-W-19 (Tallneck in Sun-Steps)

#04 Observer Log US-W-20 (Tallneck in Rustwash)

#05 Observer Log US-W-21 (Tallneck in Spearshafts)

#06 M/Sigma: Core Log 763E (The first cauldron, SIGMA)

#07 M/RHO: Core Log 653Z (Cauldron RHO)




Numbers 8 and 9 of Machines is the two Cauldrons I haven’t done on this playthrough. Number 10 I’m unsure of.

The blank ones are ones I have yet to find. Quests, Holograms, and Audio Datapoints are incomplete as I haven’t finished the story on this playthrough. I will add them as I find them, or, if you found them and know roughly where they are(which ruin and what floor), by all means post them and I’ll fill them in! The World and Glyph Datapoints are tough to find. The purpose of cataloging the rest is incase someone missed one in their game and wants to go find it again. As you can see, I didn’t do this alone, everyones contributions have made what we have so far possible, so if you find any others, leave a comment with directions, or download the map and add your own marker!

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