Compilation of PSA’s

A list of most PSA's on the subreddit


  • Metal flowers have texts inside them /u/Lord_Xp

  • You don't have to run back after finishing the hunter trials. You can just "Restart from save" /u/Sutso

  • Get the golden fast travel pack for unlimited fast travel /u/slipskull2003

  • Rolling puts out fires /u/KnightLautrec

  • Use the ropecaster to catch your loot floating away in the rivers and streams. /u/St4rScre4m

  • You can change your tool/potion in slow motion with the weapon wheel open /u/rjens

  • Light tap on the touchpad brings up all the keys/icons of the HUD /u/hellteacherloki

  • The Hunting Grounds Shock Trial is repeatable. Amazingly Fast Experience. /u/XertaGames

  • New merchants will have a free samplers box for you /u/Spectrum_tN

  • You can run by a campfire and quicksave without stopping. /u/ Legendary-ish

  • Overridden ally kills don't count towards your kills. /u/-Rozekail-

  • Don't upgrade your bow until after the Proving. (or if you do, don't sell your original bow) /u/Mylz_of_Smylz

  • Do the cauldron sidequests. /u/Ch00bFace

  • Talk to Nil after clearing out all the bandit camps! /u/unkemptjellyfish

  • There are no Missable Tropies /u/HZDHelper

If any OP wants their PSA's removed DM me

If you see a PSA that needs to be on here comment below and ill post it on the list

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