Competitive Multiplayer (or PvP)

SOCOM vet from the Playstation 2 days here — and I have been salivating at the idea of what PvP could look like in this game. I haven't seen anything official from Ubisoft (maybe I haven't been looking hard enough). I haven't played a tactical 3rd person shooter since SOCOM, and I REALLY enjoyed the beta. Now, I know this game is not SOCOM…it doesn't need to be. With that being said, its hard for me not to imagine certain multiplayer game modes being implemented in this game and having a ridiculous amount of fun.

Elimination, Extraction, Breach, Escort, and Demolition (pretty much every game mode from SOCOM) I have easily visualized in this game. Extraction — securing hostages from the cartels clutches and getting them to safety. Breach — breaching into a cartel stronghold and blowing up HQ. Escort — escorting a VIP to extraction, in which the cartel does everything they can to stop it from happening. Demolition — the ghosts and cartel try to take each others HQ out. All of these game modes round-based with no respawn.

A lot may see this as living in the past, but I really do see these as addicting modes that would bring a ton of life to this game. Its hard to get into multiplayer games nowadays because they all seem so shallow, and a lot of them are.

In terms of abilities and upgraded skill levels — I propose that all of that be thrown out in PvP…that everyone is on the same level. The only difference being in the ability to customize weapons.

I could go on — but I'd like to get thoughts on this. Am I crazy?

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