[Community Request] Fight toxic behavior

99.99999% of players that enjoy playing this game are awesome guys/gals that understand the teamwork behind this game. They are helpful, and informative to newer players. And I absolutely love playing with them.

There are quite a few people that have NO idea what they're talking about, and go around just starting fires. I think it's up to us as a community to stand up for the game mechanics, and put an end to that, even if it's difficult. I'm not talking about the TKers or the new players that do the wrong things, or do them slowly. I'm talking about toxic players that come in just start picking everything apart.

Story time:

I was coming off my third win in a row on a Fleet server as I'm practicing my Galleon captaining. I kept getting Best Captain, and had some awesome crews. I join the Navy Galleon and nominate myself for captain. As the only nomination, I win and get started.

I say my normal little quip at the beginning about "Only need 3 people above deck, the rest go down and gobble up those points…" you know the rest. Very first maneuver, I show my starboard broadside to the enemy galleon, we trade some good shots, 6-7 holes on each ship. I give the command for 1 person to go on pumps and 2 to go on holes while the rest reload.

Before I can finish talking one jerk speaks up and says "Mutiny this shit captain, no good captain would ever let that happen." Not going to lie, that got to me as a learning captain, but I left it alone. What REALLY pissed me off more than that was that immediately 3 or 4 people started speaking up as well. "Yeah, he's shit, we should grapple." "Why haven't we sunk anything?" "We should ram or mutiny."

Mind you, this is maybe a minute into the game and already because of a pretty standard broadside exchange, all of my credibility as a captain was stripped away, and I've lost all command of my crew because of one person. None of my previous crew members spoke up to back me up. Not even the experienced players that knew what was going on put an end to it.

I like the mutiny mechanic. I think it's a necessary evil in an online multiplayer world. I also think that kicking is a necessary evil. But there are too many new players that hear that stuff over comms, and they don't know what to think. As soon as they stop listening to their captain, the game loses its' luster.

My request is simply that we educate, and stand up for players and captains. If they are wrong, don't yell at them, simply explain what is happening, and what could have gone better. Particularly with new captains. I've played this game for a little bit now, so I'm not that soft. But I have to admit that I thought twice about tossing my name in to captain later on that night.

Let me know if you guys have any other stories, or feedback about this. I know everyone is on the side of avoiding toxic behavior, I just wanted a little PSA because of how little the good guy stands up and fights back.



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