Community raids – part 2

After some trial and error, we've refined the requirements for Community Raids.

If you've messaged modmail in the past few weeks asking about these raids and haven't received a response, please message us again – I've been sick for a few weeks and haven't been able to respond to people as much as I'd like. I should be able to get everyone sorted out now though!

Community raids are meant to help people who might not get into a raid otherwise see the content, while being lead by an experienced leader who can explain boss mechanics and strategies. This option is also open to those who'd like to help others learn about PvP in battlegrounds and arenas.

Community raids are not a substitute for LFG or for finding people to fill a permanent raid roster.

Community raids have:

  • A set schedule, at least once every two weeks.
  • Experienced raid leaders who've been organizing and leading raids for a while.
  • Reasonable ilvl expectations (~15 ilvls lower than the drops in the instance)
  • No expectation of previous raid experience.
  • Generally going to be behind on progression – e.g.: running normal/heroic NH or earlier content right now.
  • A relaxed atmosphere dedicated to learning.

Community raids are NOT:

  • Progression oriented. The leaders should have experience downing the content already.
  • One-off "we need to pug a few people" raids.
  • Meant to fill out raid rosters.
  • Run by new raid leaders.
  • A replacement for LFG.
  • Stressful or drama filled.

For an example of a community raid post, click here.

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