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Destiny has different modes for different moods, from the hardcore competitive Crucible team, to a few friends goofing around on a Strike together. Our focus for this week lands on a player who leans toward the latter. He’s a fun-loving guy who enjoys making videos, playing with viewers, and keeping the mood light.

If you haven’t met him already, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Blessious.

Welcome to your Community Focus. First, tell us a bit about yourself.

Bless: Hiya! My name is Kyle and I have a YouTube and Twitch Channel called Blessious. I have been in love with gaming since I was a kid and was hooked on Halo when I was younger. I was lucky enough to get into the Alpha and Beta of Destiny and I was instantly hooked. When Destiny was released, I had actually just moved to a new state and left all of my friends behind for a radio job.

Destiny definitely came at the right time for me and I still remember sitting for hours in front of the old loot cave with my friend back home, shooting away in hopes for Legendary and Exotic Engrams. (Actually, that’s how I snagged my first Exotic, Ice Breaker!).

It turned out that my fiancée’s best friend’s boyfriend played Destiny as well and we started our own small makeshift Clan. That is when I first really got to experience Raids and when I was introduced to the Destiny Community. I’ve had an amazing time ever since!

Big thanks to your fiancée’s best friend’s boyfriend for getting you started. Where can we find you on the World Wide Web?

Bless: I post a Destiny-themed video every day on my YouTube Channel and stream 5-6 days a week on Twitch. You can also follow me on Twitter!

You can learn a lot about someone by their favorite subclass and weapons. What are yours?

Bless: Well, my first character ever was a Gunslinger. I love using Incendiary Grenades (underrated if you ask me!) and throwing knives, but definitely my most played character is my Striker Titan. There’s something beautiful about Lightning Grenades and Shoulder Charge. 😛

As far as favorite weapons go, I would have to go with my perfectly-rolled Saladin’s Vigil Fusion Rifle. It took 483 Archon Forge Strikes, but oh, was it worth it! Seriously, it is B-E-A-U-tiful!

Good choices. I still need to get my Saladin’s Vigil. What can new viewers expect to see on your channels?

Bless: On YouTube, I try to keep a light-hearted approach with Destiny as I play mostly in the Crucible. Trying out different weapons and seeing how they perform. Kinda like a friend sitting on a couch with you just hanging out and having fun with a game that you love.

With Twitch, live-streaming can be a blast because viewers can easily hop in the Fireteam with me and we can fight in the Crucible, run Strikes, grind Archon Forge or even do the Nightfall! The stream is always welcoming and I am so grateful for the community there.

You have been doing this a while. Any words of wisdom you want to give to other up-and-coming streamers? Bless: NEVER STOP! If you love what you do and have fun, don’t stop. It may seem daunting when you first start, but if you stick to your guns, you can definitely grow as a content creator or streamer. Love and treat the community family you build with respect and the most important part is to have fun and enjoy what you create.

You have logged a lot of hours. Do you have a favorite memory while playing Destiny?

Bless: OHH MAN! It’s either run number 483 of the Archon Forge while grinding for the perfect Saladin’s Vigil where I finally got that mystical beast… or the first time I ever ran Relic during the Templar fight in Vault of Glass. It was also great when I finally snagged my Fatebringer!

Being the Relic holder is a great honor, and a lot of fun. I guess we’ll return you to the game now. Anything else you would like to add?

Bless: First, I just want to say thank you for this opportunity! I really appreciate sharing it with you! Thank you to the wonderful YouTube and Twitch community for all that they do and also for being a warm and welcoming family for me. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys <3.

I’m super excited to see what Bungie has in store for the upcoming Update and most of all… that rumored game that is slated for Fall 2017.

Thank you Bungie and the Destiny Community for everything! Here’s to a magical 2017!

No, thank you, Blessious, for stopping by to share your story. If you haven’t already, give Blessious’ channel a visit. He has a whole collection to keep you busy.

We will continue to feature interesting members of the community. If you have any suggestions, go make a post in #Community with the tag #CommunityFocus. Now, go play some Iron Banner.

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