Combat Tips and Tricks

the game does a poor job at telling you what button combination does what so I would like to share a few that I've found.

Applicable to 2B and 2A

1.) Launcher – Jump (while ascending) + Heavy attack

2.) Throwing out a spinning weapon – slide input of Dodge Button to Light attack button (won't work if you press both, or pressed light attack too late, must be a slide input).

This is basically your styling button as you can cancel ANY attack (even arborne attacks or attacks in mid animation) into this and continue your juggle.

This attack also changes depending on which weapon's attack you are canceling out off. example, If you are canceling out of a light attack, you will throw out your heavy attack weapon and vice versa. Ever seen a gigantic spinning two handed sword? yea its that awesome. The only caveat here is that after performing this action your character will be stuck in the recovery animation for a few frames, you might end up getting killed if not use correctly.

3.) Helicopter legs – while gliding on pod (descending) hold Light attack button. this is useful for getting onto some hard to reach areas.

4.) Air slide – press Jump + pod attack button simultaneously, also useful for hard to reach areas.

5.) Helm breaker – an obvious one, this is basically the same from DMC, press Heavy attack while descending or at apex of your jump. You don't take fall damage if you use this to jump down from great heights. hint: useful for a particular quest.

6.) Unique lunge animation – Heavy or Light attack from running

7.) Charge attack (Large sword, Spear only) – hold down Heavy light attack an amount of time, see the flash. Non flash does a different attack

8.) Unique attack animation from using same weapon types on both Light and Heavy attack slot

2B only

1.) additional moveset – hold down Light attack button.

2A only

1.) taunt – hold down Light attack button.

Applicable to 9S

1.) Launcher – Jump (while ascending) + Light attack

2.) Helicopter legs and Air Slide are applicable to 9S as well

feel free to add more if you guys find anything. I haven't explore much of 9S's moveset coz i just hack my way through his segment lol.

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