Combat Knives: What are the Chances?

The neglect of the combat knife in Wildlands is both baffling and unrealistic. A combat knife/neck knife is pretty standard gear, regardless of the fact that there are few situations where they are actually used in cqc. Especially when you consider Ghosts are elite special operators. Considering the fact that Wildlands is a video game, it's really strange that these top tier warriors don't carry or use knives.

Side note: I'm sorry, but I don't accept the argument that Seals and other SF teams never use knives in battle/stealth. I'm sure it's rare but these are highly trained individuals. You better believe these men have the know how to efficiently use one of the oldest weapons in history to take down an enemy fighter.

So, what are the chances that there are knives to collect and use in the game already? And we just don't know about them yet. Or, what are the chances knife animations are added into the game?

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