Collectively improve the game – and get better fps (unraidables)

After reading posts about the unraidable base, I realised:

If all the people who normally build megabases, instead start building small unraidables, they will have the same security, but a lot better frames and server stability.

Perhaps this way the new dev team will actually give a fuck about this base issue, and fix it.

Then we can go back to building megabases and have even worse frames while we wait another year or two for the game to be optimized(playable, maybe even enjoyable at some point, on anything that is not low pop.)

Writing this post made me realise how fucked this situation actually is, and how this game is in dire need of some intense, emergency help.

Waiting another year for the game to become decent again, is a bit too much to ask, considering we have already "wasted" 2 years and seen zero / backwards progress.

The FPS and server stability in general have never been as bad as it is at this current point.

The past two years the game has been focused around the PvP aspect, due to the fact that there is basically nothing else to do.

But the issue is that you either have to go to a low pop, and have decent FPS, with little to no encounters –
or you go to a high pop and lag your ass off..


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