Co-op is not very reliable and a bit frustrating.

Hello everyone. Recently I have been trying to help other people through jolly cooperation but that hasn't worked out too well. So let me try to explain what I mean. First of all you have to get out of the missions then go to the map then you go to the gate then you can choose what missions you want to do and finally you wait to get summoned. Now this wouldn't be bad on its own because it doesn't take too long but it seems that when I enter a world I don't stay in there long because they end up dying within a minute of me arriving there. Then I have to go back and wait again on the main screen. I've encountered this maybe 15 runs out of 20. This is pretty ridiculous.

Now I know I shouldn't compare it to to Souls/Borne games but I think it's fair due to it being very much inspired by those games. In those games you either ring a bell or place your summon sign down in a set zone and either wait to get summoned or grind a bit while you wait in the zone. I feel that that minor difference makes Nioh's co-op more frustrating than fun. The fact that you don't have to stop to summon in a set area and you yourself don't know where your summoner will be makes it a bit harder for both parties.

It might be too late for Team Ninja to go back and change this but maybe they could have you stay in a set area when you want to summon someone? Otherwise, it would cancel your summon just like it does with the Souls/Borne games. It might alleviate this frustration that some people might be having like myself. I really love helping people but this really frustrates me to the point where I don't want to play for awhile. Does anyone else have this issue?

tl;dr There should be a system to alleviate frustration of getting summoned, host dying within a minute and having to wait again. Possible solution is to set a zone which you can summon someone, once you leave that area you cancel your summon.

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