Co-op challenges. Supercell, you would get tons of money and make people happy at the same time.

How they would work

  • P1 sends at request to start Co-op Challenge at P2, which gets it in his inbox.

  • Both players need 10 gems to join.

  • You can send invitations by player tag, friend list or clan list.

  • Once P2 accepts, both players can access a screen that shows the number of win/losses, current and next rewards, your mate deck and its status (offline/online/in battle). There is also a private chat, where you can set up a strategy, talk if it is safe to start a match connection wise of for other reasons and so on.

  • Pressing battle sends a notification to your mate, even if he is playing, he gets a small, non obstructive notification. You can't spam them.


  • Rewards don't consist in a single chest for each player, but rather in a shared draft chests.

  • What is a shared draft chest? P1 gets the card to the left, P2 gets the one to the right, but…

  • Here's the catch: underneath the chest there is an "ok" and a "swap" button. If BOTH players press the swap button, then cards get swapped!

  • The chat is still available even while opening the chest, so that you can talk and decide who gets The Log and who gets Sparky for example.

General improvement to co-op battles

Instead of the classic battle screen layout, you get the replay layout: the cards and elixir bar at the top aren't your opponent ones, but rather you mate, so that you have constant accurate info about his elixir and current hand, without having to tap the name every single time. You can also tap on those cards and the card icon will slightly flash in your mate screen (you basically suggest to use that card for better coordination).

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