Closest thing to New Game+ I can find

Hey all,

So after finishing the game multiple times on both ps4 and PC (I love it THAT much), I decided to try and make a New Game+ of sorts. What I did was do the entire story until I got chapter select, without doing any subquests whatsoever (minus the ones that had to be done to progress the story, and one inventor subquest that I did cause I wanted the materials he provided). Then I went and modified the save and made myself level 1.

So what you have is a lvl 1 save with chapter select and all (bar 1 insignificant one) subquests that you can start from scratch with some weapons upgraded and maxed out chips.

I admittedly modded the chips to get through the story underleveled as fast as possible so I have +8 almost everything chips that cost 1 slot, I left them there in case anyone wanted to use them.

1st slot has the fresh completed game that's around lvl 50

2nd slot is the modified lvl 1 save with more maxed weapons

3rd slot is unimportant but I wasn't sure if i needed to include the file so I did it just in case it wouldn't work if I didn't.

I included the NierAutoModSave_en_v_0_1.exe that you'll need to use to import the saves to your profile (go here for instructions on how to use it, it's rather straightforward)


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